Review: Szary Wilk “Wrath” [Putrid Cult]

Review: Szary Wilk “Wrath” [Putrid Cult]

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In the land of Solidarnosc, Metal music is king: Vader, Decapitated and for Black metal in all its forms: Behemoth, Batushka, Mgla, Darzamat as well as a multitude of young bands emerging.

It’s been a long time since my ear had pricked up like this, just to listen carefully THE Black Metal as I love it. I won’t talk about cadaveric BM, inaudible South American stuff, taps recorded in the kitchen or cellars where inarticulate howls abound. None of that, more like music that can appeal to sensitive souls by surrounding them with fog and mysteries.

“Szary Wilk”, which means Gray Wolves in Polish language, is a trio (not necessarily need more people to make music, have a look on Motörhead) coming to present us its five tracks through an EP titled “Wrath”.

The magic operates and although your servant did not succeed in obtaining the lyrics or a biography, the fact remains that through evocative titles, we do not speak of pretty women, beer cans or the last party of fishing in family on a sunny sunday afternoon.

What is interesting in the lines chosen is the incorporation of the 90s basics style with a more contemporary, even modern sound. We stay a lot on mid tempo but this allows to better distill the essence of their hatred and their malevolence towards the whole humanity (human race).

Moreover, I am talking about something that refers to music from the origins of the style, a well-constructed thing, where the compositions keep a coherence, a guideline, something that allows you to go from amateurism to something more concrete and ambitious.

This EP is really worthy, it just missed a little something more to become brilliant, it is really homogeneous and there is not a single minute wasted. In my opinion the flashship songs are: the whole album, each song conceals its own attraction.

I will not celebrate it as the EP of the month but it fits in my discoveries top ten for Black Metal genre. Let’s wait to see on an LP the confirmation of the good that I think of this band. Lovers of the genre, don’t miss it.

If you are lost in a moonless night and desperately seek your way through a thick forest, once in a while glance over your shoulder and listen carefully to the noises, you never know what might happen. Be prepare to run for your life!

Release date: February 19, 2021

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