Review: Tarmblod “Misanthropic Brutality” [Blasphemous Mockery Productions]

Review: Tarmblod “Misanthropic Brutality” [Blasphemous Mockery Productions]

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Here we have a One Man Black Metal band from Australia, which caught my attention with its raw sound. A project is lead by Again-Walker and has already released two demos during 2020. The last demo entitled “Misanthropic Brutality” is for sure a demo characterized by sharp raw blading guitars and gloomy atmosphere, which make this demo stand out of the other raw black metal demos launched this year by many bands. And yet I can really say this is a very original material that you can expect from a one man raw black metal band from Australia.

Released under the banner of Blasphemous Mockery Productions this five track piece of primitive dirty ravage demo will blow your spirit full of sorrow. A bitter taste of misanthropy and sorrowful ideology, which are all over expanded from the first seconds until the last ones. I tried to define the sound of Tarmblod bmany times but I got stumbled very often into a duality old school synths-black metal atmosphere which is absolute terrific beauty side of the demo and on the other side there is a killing blade sharp sound of guitars which is brilliantly merged to a primitive cursed forest branded side. No commercial tendencies here, just a pure landscape of the dark cursed forest hymn of misanthropy. I would recommend a track entitled “Annihilation Of Ideology” but the whole demo is great. Trust me, it is a demo to be added on every black metal fan and collector. No commercial shit here!

Release date: December 13th, 2020

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