Review: Terra Odium “Ne Plus Ultra” [Frontiers Music]

Review: Terra Odium “Ne Plus Ultra” [Frontiers Music]

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The story of Terra Odium starts way back in 1985 with the Norwegian Prog Metal band Manitou. After releasing a few demos and a full length album a decade later the band split up and lead singer Øyvind Hægeland went on and created one of the most technical and eclectic Prog Metal albums ever made. Spiral Architect’s A Sceptic’s Universe. He then appeared on Scariot’s final album Momentum Shift as well before flying under the radar and briefly disappear like the rest of the members of Manitou.

About 15 years after Spiral Architect’s only album was released rumors spread that the band was active again and were writing new music. They even made one or two live performances before disappearing into the unknown once more. Øyvind seems to have had enough of the waiting, just like his fans, so he has now hooked up with his former Manitou guitarist Ole P. Fredriksen and the rhythm section of Spiral Architect to create this new masterpiece.

Ne Plus Ultra surely does not disappoint. At first I was expecting another insane rollercoaster ride like the Spiral Architect album, almost impossible to grab onto. Well, it’s not quite as crazy as that one. Terra Odium has toned down a bit on the extreme technicality and instead takes us on a heavier, more melodic and epic journey. I surely would say that this is to the bands advantage.

It makes the album easier to get into and latch on to some amazing hooks like in “The Road Not Taken” and the epic 12 minute piece “The Thorn” which chorus and ominous finale got stuck in my head right from the first listen. This album leans more towards the heavier and more melodic sound of Psychotic Waltz and Scariot as well and works great as a follow up to Momentum Shift. The progressive and technical nerve sure is still present and it is a strange whirlwind to get swept up by. Bass player Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Asgeir Mickelson still prove that they have no problem at all to keep up with the crazy riffs and eclectic, yet ultra-melodic vocals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait another 10 years for the next album.

Release date: June 11, 2021

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