Review: Terrifying Parasites “Human Disease” (Demo)

Review: Terrifying Parasites “Human Disease” (Demo)

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Terrifying Parasites is a new name on death metal scene, and this April German musicians have released their first 3-track demo record “Human Disease” by themselves. They only now make their first steps on the extreme scene, and the first attempt has a high-quality potential, so they can easily interest some underground metal label.

Even these three songs surely suggest an obvious fact, that Terrifying Parasites are oriented on classical European death metal. The songs are not ground-breaking or experimental, just a solid death metal, to which the band’s members clearly are devoted.

The demo starts with a medium pace song “Worshipping” in a traditional death metal style, but during the composition, the temp increases several times. And the featureless growling of Flo gives way to more emotional and deep singing during these accelerated passages, making the song heavier. However, “Enemies inside” is slower and more considerate, and even if it starts in a more traditional heavy metal way, it is based on doom/death metal with more profound vocal pattern as well. The album ends with more rapid and powerful death/thrash influenced self-titled composition “Human Disease” with distinct influence of bass-guitar and severe choruses. And the sounds of bells and warfare in the end increases the overall apocalyptic mood.

Nowadays it’s not so hard for young bands to promote themselves with all the digital possibilities, but not every band gets its lucky star. But with such devoted enthusiasm and vigour, Terrifying Parasites has all opportunities to conquer the death metal scene on a more serious level.

Release date: April 4th, 2020

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