Review: The Amorettes “Born To Break”

Review: The Amorettes “Born To Break”

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There is an opinion that girls can’t play rock’n’roll. Scottish trio The Amorettes easily disproves it in a fourth time, releasing their new album ‘Born To Break’.

The most trivial comparison that comes to mind when you hear their music is Motörhead or rather Girlschool. But likely it’s because the statement “We are Motörhead and we play rock’n’roll” is quite suitable to the girls from The Amorettes. Though it’s ungrateful thing to compare this band with somebody else: their music is a rhythmical groovy rock’n’roll and hard rock that was played by many bands. With this the band has its own musical writing, which is not only singles out The Amorettes against the background of many other bands, but also makes them memorable with summing of music, band’s image and energy that can be felt even in a record.

But let’s get back to an album: ‘Born To Break’ contains 16 songs of rock’n’roll and hard rock, such as they should be. Energetic, uncombed, quite sloppy but for sure they have drive and they are groovy. Because if you can’t make them this way, you should not play such music at all.

Also unnecessary pretentiousness and excessive techniques should not be expected here. It needs groove, which Gill, Hannah и Heather profusely give to the listener. On the other hand “sloppy” does not mean “bad” or “unprofessional”. I’m talking about delivery, not quality.

It’s also quite hard to highlight some song – ‘Born To Break’ is very solid, so the listener will like it (which is likely going to happen) or not.

Well, the only lack of ‘Born To Break’, as for me, is an album itself. I mean because the record can hardly transmit all the energy that comes from these girls. So if you have such an opportunity – just go to their show.

And to sum up shortly: three girls, groovy rock’n’roll. Do you need anything else?

‘Born To Break’ will be released on April, 6 via SPV/Steamhammer.



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