Review: THE BROOD “The Truth Behind”

Review: THE BROOD “The Truth Behind”

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THE BROOD “The Truth Behind”
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London is huge (there live more people than in whole several, also European, countries – at least, if we’re don’t speak about metropolitan area, 9 millions of people) cosmopolitan city. And this band is very good proof of this. Of course somebody can say: “But that’s any multicultural because they’re all from Europe”. Well, first of all cultures of Spain, France and England are different (common is only religion, even if in England dominate other sort of Christianity than in two other countries – but this aspect doesn’t matter in the world of Metal where we’re mostly heretics). I’ll even don’t mention that in Spain, from which come three of five THE BROOD’s members, there’re serious cultural differences between individual parts of this country. And secondly all these countries have common history, that’s truth.  But over centuries and centuries it had nothing to do with friendship. Contrary!!! These nations deeply and honestly hated mutually – and all hated all here.

Anyway, the guys decided to create music together in 2014. They directly started to work on their own songs. Effect was two singles and demo released yet in this year and one in 2015. By the way, guys play music solidly based on old-school Grindcore. But they’re open-minded not only about cultural influences – it’s also about music (what’s logic consequence). So we have here, even if it’s not so very easy to notice, some elements of first of all Punk Rock and Death Metal. Grindcore isn’t and never was synonym of playing with speed of light. Seemingly and superstitiously that’s maybe seems like that. But truth is that tempo here is mostly middle.  Yeah, the drums beat mostly fast and massively (even in these slower parts we have often such impression).

That’s just like that also in this case. Aitor (Gazzoline) drums intensively and doesn’t play in some compromises. But it’s enough that we’ll listen to this carefully than we’ll notice that it’s absolutely not beating for beating and that’s technically and really various. There’re not so many cymbals here (they come rather incidental – exception is “Incubation”), but what to do. I know very few Grind bands which does it. Riffs are rather easy and often fast played. Of course it’s not about these slower parts. Anyway, they also change sometimes – there’s never one and the same riff during whole song!  Changes aren’t maybe easy to recognize, but believe me that Semen (Garcia) and Nando (Thommessen) play variously. From time to time bass is pulsing very nicely, too. So Donnie (Burgess) makes his job well here. And on the end vocal we have. Well, that’s from one side something what’s norm in Grindcore – Thibaut (Grunt) has deep, but rather more guttural growling. Of course he growls as variously as it’s imaginable in music like that. Sometimes it’s even, just like whole music, in some way melodic.

In general, music is just like it should be in case of Grindcore. Songs aren’t short ones, but as I said before, I think that even few times, it happens really a lot in this music. That’s why we want to listen to it more than once and I can guarantee you that it’ll don’t bore you. By the way, refrain of “Grind Is Love” is, in Grind way of course, go-ahead and stay in mind long time, in my case it’s even embedded in it. Good stuff for all Grinders, but not only in my opinion!!!

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