Review: The Dark Element “Songs The Night Sings” [Frontiers Music srl]

Review: The Dark Element “Songs The Night Sings” [Frontiers Music srl]

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Two years ago The Dark Element‘s debut self-titled album was released. Honestly, I took this band, with former Sonata Arctica‘s guitarist Jani Liimatainen and Anette Olzon as some “one album project”, but I was wrong, so after two years The Dark Element release their second work Songs The Night Sings.

The line-up had some changes: the band has a new drummer, so now rhythm-section is Rolf Pilve (drums) and Jonas Kuhlberg (bass).

Jani speaks about an album: “I think the album is very heavy, but still hyper melodic, and this time we are even exploring new musical territories we didn’t on the previous album. Now that me and Anette have one album together under our belts, we have found the style we want to pursue and also the ideal way of working together. Given all this, I think it’s safe to say that with the next album you’ll get even more of what made the first album so good, only it’s gonna be bigger, better and bolder!”

Well, overall The Dark Element‘s mastermind doesn’t lie: Songs The Night Sings is still melodic, with catchy choruses. Actually, the thing maestro didn’t mentioned is that the new album closely resembles notorious Dark Passion Play musically. But I don’t see this as an issue, rather like amusing fact.

In fact, if I heard the album opener “Not Your Monster” 12 years ago, I thought it’s some kind of Dark Passion Play bonus track because they are so similar stylistically: pretentious intro, lavish arranging, smooth rhythm-section and heavy chorus. But with this it’s a good opener, for an album and for live show. The same thing, with some reservations, can be said about “When It All Comes Down” with interesting, concise solo and “If I Had A Heart”, which tries to get deeply to the Symphonic Metal territory.

“Silence Between The Words” with “Get Out Of My Head” going more Pop Metal with their simple melodies and catchy choruses. The first one reminds 80s music, when “Get Out Of My Head” going more 90s. Also, if we remove guitars from the last song, it will become nice pop song (in a good meaning of “pop”).

Well, the most unexpected track in an album is ending “I Have To Go”, made in some kind of retro style: quiet drums and bass, the same quiet solo, piano and calm, tender Anette’s voice.

To sum up, the story continues: again The Dark Element released stylistic, melodic album with strong Symphonic Metal elements. I guess, this longplay would be interesting not only for Anette and Jani fans, but for everyone who like Melodic Metal with female vocals.

Songs The Night Sings will be released on November, eighth via Frontiers Music srl.

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