Review: The Dark Element “The Dark Element”

Review: The Dark Element “The Dark Element”

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Anette Olzon, despite her strong statement about finishing the music career, still continues to do what she do best – to sing. So, on November, 10, the The Dark Element – new project from Anette and former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen released the first self-titled album via Frontiers Music.

Jani Liimatainen tells about an album: “I have always been a big fan of Anette’s voice and when the opportunity to work with her arose, writing and producing an album, it was something I just couldn’t say no! It has been a blast working on the songs […] The songs are extremely melodic and to the point. My goal has been to write catchy songs with hooks that will haunt your dreams, and I think it’s pretty much ‘mission accomplished.’ Stay tuned for something special!”

It needs to say, that all 12 songs in an album are quite catchy. But, telling the truth, it’s more “modern” or even “pop-metal”, and not “symphonic”. Simply speaking, The Dark Element is rather far from Nightwish, but closer to Amaranthe, for example. There are a lots of keyboards, many electronic samples and simple but heavy guitar riffs (Jani Liimatainen played guitars and keyboards in an album). Rhythm section (Jonas Kuhlberg – bass and Jani “Hurtsi” Hurula – drums) sounds smooth and without extra frills.

Anette’s voice surprised pleasantly: it’s still sonorous, warm and bright like ten years ago in ‘Dark Passion Play’. And if you are bewildered by the last sentence – do me a mercy: go to the wikipedia and look for the age of Mrs. Olzon.

Generally, ‘The Dark Element’ is smooth, rhythmical and stylistically seasoned. Also sometimes it’s too simple and childishly naive, like in ballads “Heaven Of Your Heart” or “Someone You Used To Know”. But there is nothing bad in this simplicity and electronic arrangements. This kind of music will always have its fans, concerts and albums. And if the acquaintance with heavy music will start from The Dark Element – it’s great! Because we’re all started from something.

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