Review: THE TRUE WERWOLF “Death Music”

Review: THE TRUE WERWOLF “Death Music”

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So here we have another music project of Werwolf of SATANIC WARMASTER. Here he use alias Graf Werwolf, by the way. “Death Music” is a compilation which was released when THE TRUE WERWOLF celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012. So word “compilation” suggests that we have here songs taken from previous releases. But the most of these ten songs wasn’t released earlier, but some was also released on next stuff of T. T. W…

Music is just a Black Metal in Norwegian style. The truth is that Graf Werwolf describes it as Black Metal/Dark Ambient, but I can find elements of this second genre (well, better to say: touches) only in intro on the beginning of stuff and another one which’s before “Kreaturen der Nacht”. Then I unfortunately can’t see any differences between music of SATANIC WARMASTER and what I hear here. It’s mostly just a Black Metal crack in my opinion. The fact is that tempo isn’t whole the time fast; sometimes it’s even slow, but… Riffs are as primitive as it is typically in such music. Well, to be honest I can hear only really few ones here and mostly there’s the same one repeating whole the time. Fortunately it’s mostly what means that from time to time they change at least a little (only in speed of playing very often, but sometimes also we have here new ones – also primitive as it should be, but…). Drums beat rather in monotonous way, but in these slower parts that’s… Well, it’s also monotonous, but in other way… ehehehehehehe… There’re some rather easy passages here, but they take place quite rarely. In vocal there’s also anything special – just Black Metal, screechy as well way of singing.

So this is only for real true-blue fans of mentioned above kind of Black Metal. I’ll surely listen to this sometimes, but only sometimes…

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Bart Tomaszewski
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