Review: THE TRUE WERWOLF “Death Music”

Review: THE TRUE WERWOLF “Death Music”

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Werewolf Records

Guys, I think this release doesn’t need introductions. No. Absolutely the most kvlt side project of Graf Werwolf of [Satanic Warmaster]. This release comes from the forgotten medieval times. It’s raw and kvlt at the same time. Very  very underground and morbid release. The middle-age pestilence has come, the black plague, cavernous decayed ambiences, a return point in the darkest pestilence towers of bats.

Not for everyone although, this masterpiece that every collector and black metal fan must have is raw material derivated from the darkest and deepest angles of a morbid misanthropic soul. Cavernous Black Metal played as it should be. It differs from the sound of Satanic Warmaster. It’s very unique.I can say a morbid landscape of the dark age. It’s like an open ancient book which inspires the muse of the middle age period.

The vocals are ‘’sanglant’’ and  the guitar is well played with very sharp riffs, but honestly it’s not the’’optique’’ of the raw black metal. It’s more sophisticated, the lost forgotten echoes of  a suffering torturous soul that makes a sombrous journey into the underworld of deepest abyss. Lamentations of a dying spirit that suffers bloodily in solitude and melancholy.

I used to use the right term before, Cavernous Black Metal, and what it is primary to revise about this colossal production is the raw trve spirit of the black metal. New release based on the old trve black metal concepts of melancholic aesthetics of the vampyric age… One man symbol Black Metal project who puts his soul into it. Vampyric, medieval, moon, tower, bats, magik, plague – the key words to develop his style and give the right direction to medieval times, a trve opus and magnificent material to listenand the fullmoon. I was really impressed  by the track entitled ‘’My Journeys Under The Battlemoon’’ and the great track entitled ‘’The Grandeur Of Death’s Palace’’… what a cold and raw atmosphere!

No doubt an album to own, I can bet you will worship this release since the first listening, I know most of you old blackers already did, but also it is super recommended for the new listeners, it’s a fundamental material to listen to really catch the meaning and sense of what Cavernous Vampyric Black Metal is.

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