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Besides all that happened in 2016, there is one landmark event in gothic world which happened this autumn:  titans of vampire go gothic metal Theatres des Vampires suddenly abandoned the vampire theme in their new album Candyland. This time shocking Italian Sonya Scarlet was  inspired by notorious asylum «Pennhurst». Also Giorgio Ferrante became new band’s guitarist. So the journey into the depth of human’s fears awaits for the listener.

Avoiding spoilers of all the discoveries, I’ll describe only the most superficial impressions.

“Morgana Effect”- surrounding sound, sometimes with tasty guitars and electronic texture that brings in the trance. Sonya Scarlet creates necessary  atmosphere, as always. The band made a video for this song (as it was chosen as the most suitable for the image of front woman) but it is not their best video.

“Resurrection Mary” is quite catchy motive, right samples and Sonya’s playful voice: repeating the song can be missed easily. Also there are strong lyrics – you can’t run away from death, what’s right is right.

Comparatively to it, “Delusional Denial” is much more heavy and punchy. Some orchestral inserts and blast beats adds epic. This is a dialog between psychiatrist and a man that thinks that he is dead, without breath, heart beating and rotting from the inside. Really impressive.

In autobiographic “Parasomnia” Sonya gave 100%. Also there is a lot of guitars: technique, melody and fast pace – it’s all great. Here the symphonic-metal side of a band showed best (as it’s not so far from power metal). The fastest song, with lots of melody and my favorite in this diverse album.

Self-titled “Candyland” is very gloomy and atmospheric because all the passages, keyboards and guitar sound (with vocals and lyrics, of course). Because of Fabian Varesi leaved the band, producer Christian Ice had recorded some keyboards parties.

Electronic “Your Ragdoll” is interesting only by Sonya’s expression, how she tries to deliver emotions with her voice and reveal the song’s metaphor.

In “Pierrot Lunaire” (reference to Arnold Franz Walter Schoenberg), Sonya’s vocals revealed from all sides, that is surprising. This lyrical composition decorated with melodic guitars, tender “bells” and guest’s work – keyboardist Francesco Sosto from The Foreshadowing. You should imbue with a terrible picture, described in a song, trust me.

Then goes dancing “Photographic” – unexpected Depeche Mode cover and synthetic heaven “Opium Shades”.

“Seventh Room” with its tender keyboard intro and heavy melody contrasting with the previous two. Great riffs, samples, keyboards, male (Fernando Ribeiro form Moonspell) and female vocals and a whole atmosphere – Sonya was inspired by genius Edgar Allan Poe while writing this song.

Tender and pathetic “Autumn Leaves” discovers Sonya’s vampire experiences and ends the album.

Well, Candyland is very diverse album, full of contrast and electronic sounds. Probably you’ll like a half of songs, and the other half will be permanently deleted, but this album is worth of deep listening.

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