Review: Thomas Carlsen’s Transmission “Redemption”

Review: Thomas Carlsen’s Transmission “Redemption”

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A brand new name in heavy metal scene hails us from cold Norway – multi-instrumentalist Thomas Carlsen presents his project “Transmission” with his first ever record, EP Redemption. Now he is busy recording and composing the new material, after signing the deal with independent label RFL Records which will be responsible for his first debut album.

Thomas Carlsen is a talented and optimistic young musician, who is inspired by the sound of 1980s, when heavy metal and hard rock have hit the world. His devotion to heavy metal is undeniable, and so is the influence of HMR on his music. His goal isn’t to change the world or to smite with his original ideas and experimental visions. No, on the contrary, it seems like he enjoys himself in every possible way, reviving the classical heavy metal ideas through his own form of creativity. So, if you are in search of something immaculately peculiar or dazzlingly unique, then don’t even think of digging traditional metal releases, a homage to old school days not just in shape, but also in soul.

Redemption has really heavy metal soul, based on primal instincts. So, only modern sound can possibly explain us that this record was created in 21st century. So, you can find a lot of good old clichés and active energy in these 20 minutes. The anthem-like rhythm is common here (“Cloudbursting”), as well as simple but catchy melodies. Self-titled “Redemption” is imbued a bit with power metal influence, providing an opportunity for guest singer Marius Danielsen (also responsible for mixing and mastering) to open up his soul. Not too melodic “Fall from Grace” is a bit on bluesy foundation, emphasizing once again pure rawness of HM. The cover version of Iron Maiden’s “Still Life” is very close to its original version, but with a little ray of its own flame. And the closing track “Hard Line” is a little bit mischievous, with a rock ’n’ roll spirit.

Redemption is just a little glimpse of what awaits us on his first LP; Thomas is full of ideas and hopes, which he surely will present on his next creation. Maybe this kind of music is a little bit stiff and hidebound, it seems like that heavy metal has already given its best in the 1980s, and now we can have only copycats – either complete clones or real revivers and transformers of style. So, the main point of heavy metal of our times (if you don’t own a big name from the past) is how much energy and soul you put into it, making it either alive and radiant or dull and obvious. Lucky for Thomas, he knows how to invest his energy and emotions into his art, so let’s see what he will show us next time.

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