Review: THRON “Pilgrim” [Listenable Records]

Review: THRON “Pilgrim” [Listenable Records]

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Thron’s impressive run in blackened melodic death metal continues with their third LP in 6 years.

A bestial release that shows off their colours – feral vocals, sophisticated drumming, expressive solos, and smart riffs – Pilgrim is driven both by impulse and artful composition. Starting strongly, single The Prophet charges at us out of the gate before we are treated to pensive hooks and elaborate composition on Hosanna In The Highest, eerie chords and wraithlike vocals in Epitome, and the tempo changes and breakdowns of The Valley Of The Blind.

There are a few ‘huh?’ moments – the dark electronica techno of Epitome, the tinny jangle intro/outro and keyboard choir on Den of Iniquity, the wah pedal opening Gaia – and even though it misses the furiously paced charge and not-too-polished sweetness of their previous album, Abysmal, Thron do a solid job of reminding us of what they are here to do and how well they do it.

The overall mix of the album is decent and the handling of such an array of sounds is impressive, but it suffers from being a little higher in the mix than their earlier work and would benefit from thickening up to avoid the occasional battle for higher frequency grounds, but overall, the album has a rich variety of talent on show with plenty of pleasant surprises that will keep your ears guessing.

Release date: February 19, 2021

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