Review: Thy Catafalque “Vadak” [Season of Mist]

Review: Thy Catafalque “Vadak” [Season of Mist]

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Tamás Kátai has created the very essence of modern Avant Garde Metal with his Thy Catafalque. At one hand it is so otherworldly and hard to define that it could have come from a completely different dimension. On the other hand he manages to write such amazingly catchy melodies which almost have an 80s Pop vibe to them. The best way to summarize the sound of Thy Catafalque would be to compare it to the Extreme Metal equivalent of Kate Bush.

Vadak is a great progress from the first time I heard him on Róka Hasa Rádió ten years ago. It sounds matured and focused both when it comes to the song writing and production. His signature sound with extremely heavy guitar riffs and drums, mixed with beautiful keyboards and synth melodies is still the same since the start, but perfected to its essence. The title Róka Hasa Rádió is really fitting by the way to the overall sounds of Thy Catafalque and listening to Vadak sounds like scrolling through various radio channels if the radio only played good music.

Tamás jumps frisky from intense Thrash Metal riffs and ultra-heavy Industrial Death Metal to beautiful retro Synthwave melodies and enchanting ambience to ambitious Folk music segments, all backed up by jazz and disco beats. There seems to be no end to the creativity here. What really amazes me is how everything blends together. Nothing sounds out of place or unfocused. Everything is neatly thought-through and takes the listener on a journey through the vast spectrum of music that exist in our world and beyond our world.

The album is mainly instrumental as well except for a few songs. We are being greeted at times by a female voice that talks to us in Hungarian like short snippets of civic information. The few songs that actually have vocals varies from growls and screams in the really heavy songs like “Molo” to beautiful clean vocals in the softer songs like “Piros-Sarga”. Everything sounds so unique yet catchy that it truly blows my mind. It never gets too weird just for the sake of being weird. It’s just perfection all the way through.

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