Review: THYRGRIM “Vermächtnis”

Review: THYRGRIM “Vermächtnis”

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THYRGRIM “Vermächtnis”

Whoever wrote the biography for this release hit the nail right on the head.

Thyrgrim don’t reinvent Black Metal – they give it a suitable face!

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

It’s studio album number six for Germany’s Thyrgrim… and it’s an album I didn’t gel with immediately, but after 2 or 3 plays, I really started to enjoy it.

And going back to the quote at the start of the review, this really is “just” a really good Black Metal album. It has slower moments, which at times are wonderfully tranquil and at other times the acoustic guitar is put to very good use. Some sections are faster, more intense and some are full of hate… the album is just awash with emotion and a myriad of textures.  No need to fuck with a winning formula, this is how Black Metal should sound!!!!

What you essentially get is 55 minutes of Black Metal that gets better with each listen. And after a while I find myself analysing certain parts of the songs, like on Frühlingsdämmerung, where the intensity of the vocals increases with the majesty of the music. To a musician that might be the norm, for a non-music writer such as myself, it’s utterly intriguing. Elsewhere I’m suitably impressed with raging Black Metal that fades away to leave just a lone acoustic guitar strumming away. I really like the detail of what Thyrgrim are creating, especially in the song-writing department.

So don’t expect any Mother North’s, (it’s not an album that has peaks and troughs), but settle in for 11 very well crafted slices of Black Metal.

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