Review: Tides Of Kharon “Titanomachy” [Sliptrick records]

Review: Tides Of Kharon “Titanomachy” [Sliptrick records]

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Canadian melodic deathsters Tides of Kharon have released through Sliptrick Records their second work – EP “Titanomachy”, continuing to evolve their melodic side with pure heart and metallic devotion. And although they still weren’t ready to blast with real full-length album, almost half an hour of “Titanomachy” is more than enough to prove their ambitious gust for high quality and musical integrity.

Tides of Kharon isn’t one of the productive bands, throwing around the releases, so every three-four years they prepare and refine the material to release later coherent and polished albums. So no matter how much time they need for it, but they’ve never sink to the level of raw or semi-ready records. And despite the solid dose of reserved aggression, “Titanomachy” sounds so civilized and neat, that all their brutality merges into harmonic musical experience.

“Titanomachy” is also known as War of the Titans, based on Greek mythology, and this EP also possesses a war spirit and victorious mood. It is even, well-structured and equitable without loose experimentations or dramatic steps. Medium tempo, classical singing textures, long bridges and catchy riffs describe the traditional approach and stylistic commitment to melodic death metal. Death metal’s toughness sometimes is muted by heavy metal’s principles, softening the overall attitude (“Atlas Endures” or “Sentinels of Stone”). The melodic choruses simplify the textural patterns and purge away the severity of death metal, and giving way to tuneful optimism. The alteration of low and articulated growls and piercing and sonorous screams emphasizes the most passionate moments in a playful manner. The atmospheric seriousness of “Sentinels of Stone” and folky tune of “Kronos Descends” adds some variety to this classical mdm release. But the final track “From the Mountain” is the fastest and the most positive on this EP, carrying away all hesitations and uncertainties.

“Titanomachy” for Tides of Kharon hasn’t become a revelation, it didn’t reinvent the wheel or overturned melodic death metal scene, but in its generous and genuine sincerity and profound compositional mastery, they can truly be proud of their contribution to death metal family. Yes, “Titanomachy” is so sweetly melodic, but with such ardent belligerence, this EP has a truly hot temper.

Release date: April 6th, 2021

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