Review: Tortorum “Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.”

Review: Tortorum “Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.”

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Tortorum “Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.”
W.T.C. Productions

Bergen is called sometimes Black Metal City. That’s of course coz of popularity of this sub-genre of Metal amongst local Metalheads. Another proof of it is TORTORUM. The band was found in 2010. Until now they release two full-lengths (“Extinctionist” – 2012 and “Katabasis” – 2014). In the band play four guys, but when stuff was recorded there were only three of them as I see after pics.

“Rotten, Dead, Forgotten” is calling by EP. But for me it’s definitely too long as on EP coz it takes almost an half hour. Besides we have here six songs and as I noticed during these 30 years of listening Metal, on EP (and it doesn’t matter of which Metal’s sub-genre) there was mostly two, sometimes three, maximum four songs. But maybe definition of EP changed last times?!? Hm… HELL KNOWS, but nevermind!!! Nomenclature is important, but music even more, or what?!? So… we have here these six quite long songs of Black Metal. I’ll add that in my opinion it’s quite boring one. It’s not about lack of abilities or something, but about rather changeless music in which there happen not so many. We have some passages, riffs aren’t whole the time the same (even if mostly they’re), but everything’s too standard here. I can’t hear some own ideas, unfortunately. I don’t say that this is bad stuff! For true-blue fans of Black Metal it’ll probably be even good one. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a little too monotonous and played without invention. I know that this kind of Black Metal is conservative and doesn’t like changes, but…

I used word “monotonous” and that’s it for me. But in other hand it doesn’t mean that we absolutely haven’t changes of tempo and so on. As I said before there’re things like that, but songs’ structure is like they’d come from some factory. They’re not so similar to each other, but like “we play slow, than fast, but everything must be just like standards say!” That’s my impression, anyway…

That’s why I can recommend this band only to true-blue fans of Black Metal. They should be satisfied with that. Rest can have similar impressions to mine, so better beware or at least be careful with that!!!

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