Review: Totale Vernichtung “Feuerbestattung” [Darker than Black Records]

Review: Totale Vernichtung “Feuerbestattung” [Darker than Black Records]

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Totale VernichtungFeuerbestattung

This album, in its entirety is the epitome of all that is held dear, and beautiful. Feuerbestattung is an album that from beginning to end you can truly feel the pure, raw emotion with your heart and soul! Antimessiah‘s voice is extremely beautiful, and has so much emotion within every single word sung. The guy sings with such a relentless and merciless passion! It isn’t all too often (very few, specific bands) that have the power within, to redirect the passion of themselves through both their music and voice that makes the listener feel that same incandescent passion! To the point of tears, I might add.

Starting with the first track “Ein Blitz kommt selten allein”, the power is just unforgiving, so powerful! The starting riffs hook you in, and oh man, you are in for an intense black metal meltdown. Antimessiah has a very unique voice. Has a rough, kind of gravely voice. Very sharp, cutthroat, it pierces right through you to your very core. It’s like he’s scream-yell-singing, but at the same time, has such a satiny ‘feel’ to it. Extremely, very alluring.

My favorite song is the second one, “Die Stacheldrahtzieher”. This song. Just… I have so much to say about this song. My stomach gets a severe case of the ‘butterflies’ from the very moment he starts to sing on this one… It is unlike (any) song that I have ever heard in my life. The only song ever, by any band ever, that makes me feel so weak, I can’t help but to fall down to my knees, this song is just (that) powerful! It moves me so much, I’m just an emotional wreck of a mess. “Die Stacheldrahtzieher” affects me like no other song ever I have heard in my life, period. It devastates me emotionally, and I absolutely fucking love it. Throughout the whole song, I can’t help but to tear up, tears just flow, I can’t help it. Just Goddamn, this song is so insane beautiful.

Another favorite off the album is the title track “Blick aus dem Wachturm”. Extremely fast-paced, and excessively relentless! Non-stop catchy, fast as lightning drums, and fast-paced rhythmic guitar work intertwines so beautifully. It’s such an emotionally driven song, it pulls you in, making you feel the intense atmosphere surrounding it. You can’t help but to imagine that you are there, in the song, feeling the words as they are sung throughout. You can feel so strongly the cool, crisp air wisping by, surrounding you. Just holding you there, experiencing all that you hear, visualizing in your mind what you are feeling.

Antimessiah‘s voice is just something other-worldly. It’s so powerful and commanding, and just so immensely lovely. Seriously, it really is. Feuerbestattung deserves nothing but utmost respect from the listener. And, you give it without question, because after you’ve listened to it, it is just that good. And, you know deep in your heart and soul that it is. This album is honestly unlike anything that you will ever hear in your life! Antimessiah takes you on the ride of your lifetime with this album; an emotional, passionate journey that you will never forget, and wish to relive that journey, within that atmosphere for infinite listens to come.

Feuerbestattung delivers an instant rush of pure bliss when you listen to it. And, that rush lasts throughout. Every time I listen to it, I get butterflies in my stomach. Music so powerful, as well as Antimessiah‘s very commanding voice… makes you feel as if you are there (in his state of mind), experiencing the lyrics and music, as you are listening to it. You are swept up by the immense power of it all. The atmosphere is so rich and thick throughout, not at all overwhelming, just ‘perfect’.

This album is an example of being able to see pure beauty and passion within black metal. Strong emotions, crisp atmosphere, all with a powerful commanding voice to top all that off; that is Feuerbestattung. This album is everything to me, I honestly love it so much.

Release date: September 26th, 2012

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