Review: TULKAS “The Beginning Of The End” [Noble Demon]

Review: TULKAS “The Beginning Of The End” [Noble Demon]

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The modern Thrash Metal revolution continues with Mexico’s Tulkas offering up a brand new EP of face melting metal mayhem. The Beginning of the End is a masterfully crafted piece that cements them as torchbearers of this new era of rebirth for the genre.

With a sound that is distinctly it’s own while keeping itself firmly entrenched in the waters tradition, Tulkas creates something that is truly unique among their contemporaries. Incorporating elements of New Wave of American Heavy Metal with Hardcore and even some tech death thrown in, Tulkas bring together a familiar yet refreshingly modern take on Thrash Metal.

The willingness of the band to experiment in different genres is the thing that will keep listeners coming back to Tulkas. I love thrash metal and always will, but by and large it won’t get you very far career wise in this day and age. The Beginning of the End showcases just how diverse Tulkas can get with their songwriting. They’re willing to take chances and sound like themselves, and that is what will end up taking these guys places.

Though I would have liked to see more of what Tulkas has to offer, this brief glimpse should do well to hold fans over until whatever they’re coming up emerges. Personally I can’t wait.

Release date: August 28th, 2020

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