Review: Tumba de Carne “Comunión” [Zann’s Music / Argentina Extreme Vein]

Review: Tumba de Carne “Comunión” [Zann’s Music / Argentina Extreme Vein]

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Argentina’s death metal scene has been growing slowly but continuously in the last years due to the appearance of new talents with serious and original projects that luckily are leaving behind the times of conventionalities and lack of good ideas that reigned in the country’s scene.

This is the case of Tumba de Carne. These youngsters, after a few years of existence, have recently released (through Zann’s Music and Argentina Extreme Vein) their first EP called Comunión.

Just by the fantastic art of the album’s cover is easy to realize that this is going to be about terror, doom and death. And yes, what we have here are 16 minutes of sepulchral death metal mixed with grindcore.

Nothing really complex or technical is performed in the album, however compositions are very interesting and well executed. To make a short description of the music, I’ll start saying that the guitar work is excellent. Wicked riffs and shifting heavy tones catch the attention at every moment. A very audible and filthy bass pierces from the background while the blast beating hits hard all the way. Last but not least, deep and rough vocals complete the formula successfully. Most parts of the songs are fast and chaotic, but there are also great slower and doomish moments that chill down your spine.

Having shortly described this EP, is now the turn of each death metal fan to check this out and to feel by their own means the dark and chaotic music that these guys have offered us with Comunión. With some improves the next devilery of Tumba de Carne may become a catastrophically great album that will worth the wait.

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