Review: Twisted Mist “Orbios” [Music-Records]

Review: Twisted Mist “Orbios” [Music-Records]

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Melodic folk death metal band Twisted Mist from French Reims this year has released their third album “Orbios” through Music-Records, in the same charming medieval style. Their music became more neofolk-based, losing the major metal impact, but with a lot of ethnical variability, making it gentler and oriented on nature.

Twisted Mist exists for six years, and if they started as full-fledged band and were focused on technical death metal, now they are only two of them (studio musicians Nicolas and Olivier), and with every new record the folk influence is stronger, but still their roots are firmly grounded in metal music. “Orbios” is remarkable for its concept – the protagonist has the privilege to leave his own legacy on Earth. There is visible influence from Gallic culture, and the songs are soaked in magic of nature and mystical experience, verging between the romance of life and the fatality of death.

“Orbios” is full of acoustic passages, and some of them belong to Grecian string instrument bouzouki, adding some exotic feeling. Besides bouzouki there can be heard hurdy-gurdy, and it usually appears in the background to strengthen the anxiety and to increase the atmospheric aura. “Equinoxe” has a soft and romantic flute solo, but on the song “Orbios” there is also presented the wind instrument ocarina. Furthermore, it is worth noting, that all the folk instruments emerge specifically on non-metal parts, because the folk influence during the death metal passages is at the lowest level (only slightly ethnic guitar riffs betray the genre). The meditative moments (“La Peste Soit De Ma Chair”) are not rare on this record, especially when under a monotonous and primitive drum beating can be heard a mystical whisper (“Vae Soli”). The principal role is given to instrumental parts, so the music isn’t overloaded with the singing (“Equinoxe” is entirely instrumental). But the vocal lines are sufficiently diverse, medieval two-voice parts with neofolk or even church choir influence and desperate screaming throughout the metallic parts on the background of unclear electric guitar sound. But still the folk mood dominates on this record, provoking the sweet sorrow and accentuating the depth of feelings and emotions, while the metal parts induce more straightforward senses.

The love of nature, mystical rituals and connection with the ancestors, these themes are very common for folk bands. Twisted Mist expands on these topics unobtrusively and mildly, through the mystic veil of medieval haze. And the album “Orbios” masterfully combines the ethnic and metal music, making this release truly fascinating.

Release date: November 27th, 2020

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