Review: Varg “Götterdämmerung”

Review: Varg “Götterdämmerung”

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On January 2016 Varg released the great and diverse album ‘Das Ende aller Lügen’. And now, after a year (a little more), the band ready to please their fans again with their new EP ‘Götterdämmerung’ (“Gods Dawn”).

EP contains four songs, and of course it wouldn’t be enough for some fans. But, one more time: their last LP was released a year ago. Add to this their concert schedule with their own festival “Wolfsfest” organization, and I guess it will be clear why they release only an EP (which, in my opinion, is out even earlier than necessary).

But let’s get back to the music. The songs from ‘Götterdämmerung’ would be quite appropriate on their previous album. Possibly they were wrote for ‘Das Ende aller Lügen’, but for some reason weren’t included in it.

An album opens by self-titled song “Gotterdamerung” with powerful rhythm-section, that sometimes darts off to blast beats, solid guitar sound and Freki’s extreme vocals. Slow and silent passage in the middle of the song is like a calm before the storm of a main theme, emphasized with choirs that adds some epic. The main theme, by the way is played in the beginning of the track and in the end also, making some kind of music ouroboros.

The band’s main trait is fully used in “Hel”, the great mix of melodic death and black. There are also some metalcore guitars in a verses, but it’s too little of them. Mostly death and black metal. At the same time “Hel”, despite all its brutality is a very melodic track. Rhythmical patterns and guitar riffs are changing interesting, and the song sweeps like a hurricane, making you press “repeat”.

“Beisßerflex” is a song with smoother riffs, more inherent to NDH, but played in much more aggressive way. Drums patterns are interesting. In the end guitars play a quite metalcore riff, but return to the main theme shortly.

“Knochenpfad” ends an album. The song starts with keyboards intro, a story telling on a background and orchestral sample which turns to a guitar riff. After that music goes to a black metal, with double pedal, powerful riffs and strongly marked bass. Generally, the song is gloomy and oppressive and quite suitable to the theme of the album.

Well, Varg themselves say “We will never rest!”. And for me this EP is the best proof to this words.

‘Götterdämmerung’ will be released on April, 14-th by Napalm Records.

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