Review: Veilgath “Shrine of the Dead”

Review: Veilgath “Shrine of the Dead”

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Veilgath “Shrine of the Dead”
Hammer Of Damnation

Veilgath is a band which raises from the northern frozen lands of Sweden in a little town called Alunda. A little village or town, this doesn’t reveal any interest to me because being loyal and saying the truth since the beginning, this little town has raised a big band of four warriors that are keeping the black flame alive.

Finally the TRVE BLACK METAL bands are keeping the kvlt alive. Well, Veilgath are a four member band: Magni (Vocals), Heimdall (Bass), Mimir (Rhythm guitar),Ogier (Lead guitar, Drums). You all know that Sweden has always launched ‘’big caliber’’ bands during the Black Metal history, and this band Veilgath seems to be one of those bands which are writing with honor a glorious part of the most darkest and kvltiest pages with their EP ‘Shrine Of The Dead’. A masterpiece to have it on your personal collection. Since the first listening I got very well that this band is not the next ‘’self-promo-kiddo-poser-trend-wannabe-trve-cvlt-teenager-passanger’’ that trying so hard to get the black metalers attention with only a mediocre one step beyond the annals of the internet, no. This is a true band, true warriors, true musicians that play a true Scandinavian black metal of high precision, a true black metal style which reflects the roots of the early 90’s black metal era. A unique Traditional Scandinavian Essential Black Metal of high quality. It’s hard to find nowadays bands that keep the true essence of the northern coldness of Scandinavian black metal machine gun alive.

Well, with Veilgath all those who still believe and think the kvlt is still alive, here’s the band that make your dreams come blacker than blacker and kvltiest more kvltiest ever. What really impressed me personally is everything. Yes, everything: the sound ,the style, the production is excellent. I can listen perfectly the guitar, the drums, the bass line, the vocals. Too majestic for an also called EP, it is an album to me. It is the hell on earth, a great album; let’s say, it is not a simple EP. I live every single track. The ravages frozen spirit of the northern black metal heritage and history is summarized in their material. I don’t know who’s the mastermind behind the guitar riffs(for sure two guitarists of excellence attitude), or who’s the demon that blastbitting the drums (well we have the name, but we don’t know the depths of his abyssal spirit seeing he is also plays the lead guitar), and who’s the demonic voice (well, we have the name but we still don’t know his warrior spirit), and also to not forget the bass line player who’s seems to summarize all the work of his band mates in an esthetical black metal unique style based on an early 90’s black metal tradition of excellent quality (we have the name ,we hear his fingers trembling hard for the frozen Scandinavian lands, but we still don’t know in details his underground knowledge which seems to be well-built). I would recommend ‘Shrine Of The Dead’ to all those who still believe the Trve Essence Of Scandinavian Black Metal  hasn’t been lost. Veilgath is re-writing the black metal history with style and not with words. Words go with the wind, what remains is the sound, the spirit, the majestic opus of eternal black metal kvlt. Perhaps you are waiting for my favorite tracks to be mention. I won’t do this favor to you. Just buy the cd or go online on their bandcamp or youtube and you will understand what I mean. Guys, I told you, this is not an EP, it is an album. All the tracks are played in the grim spirit of the north. Veilgath are trve. I AM REPEATING: TO ME THIS IS NOT AN EP, IT IS AN ALBUM.

My evaluation – 666% Swedish Black Metal Kvlt

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