Review: Venom Inc. “Avé”

Review: Venom Inc. “Avé”

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Venom Inc. “Avé”
Nuclear Blast Records

I can’t remember last time getting an album and practically screaming my head ˙˙Please don’t suck´´. After more than 20 years we got the PrimeEvil era line up back. Reluctantly calling themselves Venom and putting the moniker Inc.  – Iron & Steel.

But get shit straight: this is the closest thing to Venom we have in the last two decades; M-pire of Evil was just warm-up for this. In retrospective, this was going to happen sooner or later.

So, how does Ave fare?  I must say the album is pretty much proof positive. It is everything that you can expect from a real Venom album, the good sides and the bad sides.

The good sides are definitely Mantas back on guitar. The guy is a god in simple yet very effective and catchy riffs, Demolition Man’s ever reliable solid vocal delivery, the man’s voice has not really chanced even since the early nineties, Abandons no bullshit drumming compliments Mantises guitars perfectly and it’s a joy to listen to these guys together again.

The bad sides that this is still Venom and the album loves to jump in the cesspool of clichés now and then in songs like War, Time To Die and Black n Roll(dear god.).  At one hand, these guys pretty much introduced these topics to the metal genre and I’m sure that some fans definitely would not mind, but guys these kinds of titles are old a long time ago.

By its style it sounds like a spiritual successor to Venoms Resurrection album with a bit of twist of Primevil vibe. Production is spot on; Mantas did a great job in producing this album. There is a lot of emphasis on the sound of the guitar, with a damn good reason, even in the lesser songs in the album Mantas manages to drag them from mediocrity, especially with the solos which are awesome; simple and goddamn catchy. He did not got old, he just got better.

Standout tracks are pretty much most of the songs, there is on bad track here but slower tracks like Ave Sathanas, Preacher Man and  I Kneel To No God really got my attention. Venom has a great track record of excellent mid-tempo songs and this album is no exception.

In conclusion, this is the best Venom related album that we got in the last 17 years and great return to form for this old fucks.

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