Review: Venomous “Tribus” [Brutal Records]

Review: Venomous “Tribus” [Brutal Records]

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So what should I review among all these albums piling up on my desk? Ah! A Brazilian band stamped Melodic Death Metal and called Venomous. Oh yes Brazil is the homeland of football, Ayrton Senna, Cavalera brothers, Angra and many other well known particularities. However, the name vaguely tells me something and eureka I found some notes about them during their tours on the old continent. Nevertheless, nothing like taking the album, placing it on the turntable, sitting alone in the dark with a loud but bearable sound volume.

At the end of the first listen, as I only listened Black metal before (unfortunately not always the best) I said to myself, there was something interesting and I put the record back for a new listen and I let myself be taken away because I was really into music. Everything fits together wonderfully, this musical diversity, this abundance of influences are very well served by technically and melodically competent musicians. It leaves no one indifferent and even less your humble servant who listens to metal music in all its forms since 45 years.

Unfortunately, I do not always have the time to have long discussions with band’s members just in order to confirm my impressions, however I must admit that it is not so often an album speaks to me and this one belongs to them. Thus, I took a closer look at their last two productions to determine the band’s DNA, Defiant in 2018 and The Black Embrace in 2019, I find two of the four tracks from this EP, but the current version is much better worked and completed in terms of sound with more present guitars.

As for technique and musicality, the orchestration and arrangements are excellent, the sound is also of good quality, and each musician knows how to get the most out of their favorite instrument, this is the right tempo used here, the good breaks on the drums there. Really nothing to complain on this side. The only downside for me is in the rare clear voice passages, it is not always in the right tone.

As for me about the originality of the compositions, the sequences can surprise but at least one never expects what will follow, it is very diverse, original, even sometimes experimental. I really did not expect that but it works very well. Moreover, when I look at the title of this EP “Tribus” I clearly see how this country, as huge as a continent, is like a melting pot where the multiple cultural influences are mingled.

Although there is no flagship songs, the entire EP deserved to be mentioned and awarded. You would really miss something if you do not listen to this album. If innocence is not always an excuse, ignorance is a fatal mistake.

Release date: February 26, 2021

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