Review: Vicarivs Filii Dei “Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt” [Darker than Black Records]

Review: Vicarivs Filii Dei “Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt” [Darker than Black Records]

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Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt is an album that if ever given the opportunity, I’m sure I would be able to write so much more about it that I ever could here, in this review. I just have so much to say about it, as I was so strongly, emotionally struck to the point that after many listens, I still haven’t yet fully recovered from its effects. This album is that monumental… eminently!

The first song “Teufelskreis” strikes you so hard from the very instant. The absolute tear-jerking, haunting intensified rhythm of the guitar pulls you into the song so hard, and so fast. Then with even more extensive intensity, that atmosphere prominently thickens excessively with the powerful vehemence of the vocals. Antimessiah‘s voice is just so powerful in utilizing such insane passion and emotion, that tears uncontrollably come forth, and I just cannot stop. I just… cannot… stop. His voice is just so dominantly, and profoundly stirring. My soul is truly devastated in the most beautiful of ways. There are two very distinctive, elongated ‘hooks’ within the melodic atmosphere… playing through once at (01:16 – 04:46), and then again at (05:39 – 07:26). Truly, these hooks are the most beautiful pieces of music that I have ever heard in my entire life. Lightning fast drumming speeds through more so in the background, whereas the drum cymbals are more flashy and prominent at the forefront, continuously clashing rather hard-hitting excessive. The singing is more like unrestrained screams, with that very distinctive reverberation that seems to be present in so many of his songs, whether in Vicarivs Filii Dei, or Totale Vernichtung. He does it so flawlessly well. This song will destroy you emotionally. I swear I find it so easy to get so lost within Antimessiah‘s music, as well as his voice… I just fall right into it, so deep. It literally is like falling into velvet, en masse. “Teufelskreis” triggered massively another case of the ‘butterflies’… so severe, I literally thought that I was going to be physically ill, as during the very first time listening to this song, the intensity levels alone were just so extreme, I could hardly control my reaction to it. This was on repeat many times over, before I was able to move on to the next track (which seems to be commonplace with a lot of Antimessiah‘s very beautiful music). If I were to ever be asked what my favorite song of all-time is, whether it be black metal or of another genre… I could honestly say “Teufelskreis”. Without a shadow of a doubt, unequivocally. The soul-crushing passion of this guy… just fuck!

What follows next is one hell of a chaotic track, from beginning to end… technical black metal supreme, “Erlogenes Existenzrecht”! That voice… that scream at the very beginning… I just fucking melt. The singing is so crisp and exceptional on this track. Very sharp and overpowering as hell. Lightning fast, rhythmic speed riffing, intensified-frenzied vocals, cymbals clashing constantly, drumming so fast and relentless, makes for a total frenzied mess of intellectual allurement. Pure brilliance, actually, if I may be so honest. As you continue to listen, you feel as if you’ve been swept up inside of an F5 tornado… the force within is just that unreal strong! It’s a very violent, compressed feeling, as if you’re being constrained yet shaken about from all sides. Relentlessly, a feeling that will just not let go. This song is the definition of a fucking masterpiece! Absolutely, on all counts. It’s yet another song that I have a real hard time getting past… as it face-melts extensively! “Erlogenes Existenzrecht” will completely devastate you with its blistering speed… only ever concisely slowing down in a couple of segments, but not by much really. Even in saying that, there is no altering effect on its ransacking wrath!

And, as with the last track “Unheilige Messe der Verstorbenen”, the album ends just as beautifully as it had begun… as to reminisce “Teufelskreis”, the album closes in pretty much the same fashion.

The whole album is just an onslaught of rampant madness. Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt will move you emotionally in so many ways, you would have never thought even possible. An album that has totally devastated me from the very beginning of the album, up until the very end! The whole album is an insane, black metal meltdown… as I’ve become an emotional wreck, tear-struck throughout its entirety. A perfect, soul-caressing stunner of an album.

Antimessiah is truly an eminent, world-class artist; and with this album, it shows massively. Honestly to me, he is like the ‘Mozart’ or ‘Beethoven’ of black metal. A true musical genius, that there really just is no comparison to. This album in full, showcases his brilliance of solidified dominance, that is always most effective.

With this album, I find myself loving Vicarivs Filii Dei just as much as I do Totale Vernichtung. As it is one of the most powerfully dominant, absolute most beautiful, and emotive black metal I can honestly say that I’ve ever had the honest pleasure of listening to. I wasn’t expecting to be so moved by this album so emotionally, upon immediate onset. Only now in the year 2021, have I listened to an album from the year 2014… which in turn, turns out to be the most beautifully emotional album of any genre, in my whole entire life. And no, I’m not even remotely exaggerating, not even in the slightest.

Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt is a precious treasure of an album, completely incomparable to anything else you’ve ever heard, or experienced over time. An album to always be remembered and cherished, never to be forgotten.

Release date: June 27th, 2014

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