Review: Victorius – Heart of the Phoenix

Review: Victorius – Heart of the Phoenix

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Victorius – Heart of the Phoenix
January 13th, 2017
Massacre Records

German power metal band Victorius released their 4th full-lenght album “Heart of the Phoenix” in January 2017, for Massacre Records. Album was produced and mixed by Lars Rattkowitz (Freedom Call) at KR Music and mastered by R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Devils Train) at Music Factory/Prophecy Studios.

Album includes 11 songs:
01 – Shadowwarriors
02 – Hero
03 – End of the Rainbow
04 – Die by my Sword
05 – Sons of Orion
06 – Heart of the Phoenix
07 – Empire of the Dragonking
08 – Hammer of Justice
09 – Beyond the Iron Sky
10 – Virus
11 – A Million Lightyears

This album has no concept, each song is individual. But still, song titles suggest standard power metal occupations: warriors, dragons, swords, hammers, iron, fire, steel…

Band is active since 2004, and in 12 years I can say they are gradually building unique sound. If we consider Victorius have huge competition on national level, they have a hard task to swim out in the power metal sea without drowning.

Album production is powerful, songworting is at higher level, fast tempo, excellent melodies, catchy choruses, great interplay of keyboard and guitar solos and above all beautiful clear high unique David Baßin voice are the main “Heart of the Phoenix” characteristics. Technically band also made progress. Drummer is incredibly well; he could stand face to face with black/death metal drummers. Listening guitar parts, you might easily think you are dealing with veterans.

What do we have here?

The band keeps constance from the beginning to an end, songs are flowing in natural course.

“Shadowwariors” and “Virus” contain thrash metal sections, leaning on Kreator sound.

“Empire of the Dragonking” and “Hero” reminds me Hammer Fall work in different phases.

“Hammer of Justice” and “Die by my Sword” might have too many keyboards instead of guitars, but we will not split hairs, right?

Listening the “Heart of the Phoenix” injects supernatural energy to your veins, heart pumps fast, preassure rises.

Keys at “Sons of Orion” and  “Beyond the Iron Sky” is obviously Stratovarius influenced, Jens Johhnason school.

And at the end there is “A Million Lightyears” which intorduces us with great female vocal, Viktorie Surmøvá, young Czech-Ukrainian singer.

Victorius is potentionaly one of the best German power metal bands of young generation. I would reccomand them to stick the thrash/power course.

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