Review: Vindkast “Archaic Collapse”

Review: Vindkast “Archaic Collapse”

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Vindkast “Archaic Collapse”
Avantgarde Music

It’s not uncommon for a reviewer to recommend an album, say, for fans of “Brutal Death” or “Raw Black Metal”. In this case, I’ll recommend it to people with a lot of patience…

Hailing from Stuttgart, Vindkast don’t do things in a hurry. In fact it’s taken 2 years for this release to get onto cd after it’s 2015 tape release. But the slowness I’m referring too here has more to do with the music.

The biography is actually spot on: “Atmospheric black metal forged in total darkness, exploring themes of cosmic notion, human failure, death and rebirth”

I can’t beat that for a description. But what the biography doesn’t tell you, is that this is dark ambience at it’s most minimalist and it takes an age for the Black Metal to make an appearance.

Tracks 1 to 3 total about 15 minutes and they are bare bones atmospheric and if you want to drift gently into a mid afternoon snooze, these short pieces will skilfully guide you into a comatose state. I’m not saying they are boring, they are just incredibly mellow and soothing.

Tracks 4 and 5 total just over 24 minutes and during track 4, Under This Dying Sun, we at last get some Black Metal… although it takes four and a half minutes of the songs near 14 minute duration before the anger is finally unleashed. The song feels like some of ritualistic chant, albeit a mellow one and the snarling Black Metal is a great way to break the spell

The more I play this album, the more it’s inner beauty is revealed. I will admit I found the album a little too simple at first, but it’s a real grower and ultimately, if you like Dark Ambience with the added menace of some Black Metal, then this is really worth investing some time with.

Avantgarde are re-issuing this as a six panel digipack and it’s also available digitally.

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