Review: Vintertodt “I – V” [Black Spark Records]

Review: Vintertodt “I – V” [Black Spark Records]

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Here is the answer when people say that there is no good or promising American raw black metal bands out there.

Vintertodt which is formed by Neil Schneider (guitars, bass, and keyboards) and Nick Rossi (vocals) from a other black metal project Diplegia serves as younger, more ambitious darker brother to his counterpart.

Released on Black Spark records their compilation I-IV is a collection of their past two demos Pure Fucking Hatred and Cold Death, but by their chilling atmosphere and sound you would think that all tracks serve as one freezing sonic journey.

And it definitely is.

In the vein of the old Blut Aus Nord albums are not for the kindhearted and will not be hooked on the first riff, but slowly drowned to it bleak vibe and endless shrikes masterfully spawned by N.R..

Tracks flow together pretty well, margining aggressive parts enhanced by Marco Pitruzzella who played drums in acts like Six Feet Under and Vital Remains and more slow burners.

In actually, the slow tracks (IV and V) are those who are showing the band’s full potential.  The music these guys make isn’t especially complex, but in the lack of technicality they make up for it in the full vibe and atmosphere.

The production as it is, serves its purpose; it’s cold and is quite bleak but it fits these songs like a glove. Very much reminds you of those old French black metal bands. It really did capture that old school feel of late raw nineties.

There is no sense looking at this as a full length, but a demonstration of their formula and by all means these guys have something and if they play their blacked cards right, this will be just a teaser for something greater.

This release will not move mountains, but if you are searching for a dark sonic journey in its raw atmospheric form: you found it. You will hear about these guys.

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