Review: Visigoth “Conqueror`s Oath”

Review: Visigoth “Conqueror`s Oath”

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Visigoth –  ”Conqeror`s Oath” (Metal Blade Records)

I could easy start and finish this review in one sentence: Album of the year!
But, life is not simple, so let′s start from the beginning.

Visigoth is traditional heavy metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah. My first association – LDS church. As I watched numerous documentaries about LDS church, I was always wondering is it possible that any normal person live there. Discovering Visigoth, I got the answer: yes, there are normal people! Well, at least from my perspective.
Visigoth was formed in 2010. If you have never heard about the band, and red what I already wrote, you might easily think guys are coming from Europe. First-the band name. Second-great European influenced traditional metal uncharacteristic for US. Anyway, in 2010 they released demo Vengeance. In 2012 Visigoth gave us EP Final Spell. Single Dungeon Master brought them contract with Metal Blade Records and the result of their cooperation are tow magnificent albums: The Revenant King (2015) and Conqueror`s Oath (2018).

Now, if I would compare those two albums, Conqueror`s Oath is bigger, better version of The Revenant King.  The album is more European oriented, faster, more dynamic, more epic, and it flows well. From the beginning to an end there will be no boring moments, and it brings you desire for one spin more, and another one…

Visually, specially Jake Rogers, gives an impression of hard core metal fan. Young, but like he jumped out from the 80`s metal production: black leather jacket, tight pants, chains, logo t-shirts. If you judge by the cover, than the boys have great music taste: Saxon, Clover Hoof, Thin Lizzy, Bathory, Riot and even Pokolgep. So, everything is clear when we are talking about influences.

Catchy, faster, improved production, clean vocals, infectious, memorable choruses, anthem lyrics. Those are the words that describe Conqeror`s Oath the best. Live, as far as I can see from the videos published on YT, guys have energy, passion, great interaction with fans, motivation and potential to became really serious band. Clean vocal full of emotion and power straight from the heart and soul will buy you at first listening. Jamison Palmer and Leeland Campana spiced the album with their virtuoso performance.

I would like to mention lyrics that are very narrative and poetic. Giving a chance a listener to follow the story gives a special charm. Everything flows well, and there is no possibility to skip one song just because you might thing it is a bit boring.

So young, so talented, so passionate! The future of heavy metal is in their hands!

Highly recommended to hammers, axes, swords, castles, kings and queens fans.

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