Review: Visions of Atlantis “The Deep & The Dark”

Review: Visions of Atlantis “The Deep & The Dark”

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Visions of Atlantis “The Deep & The Dark”
Napalm Records

The legend of Atlantis remained as eternal mystery. It has been an inspiration to many writers, film producers and musicians over the years.

One of the most notable metal band based on Atlantis myth is Austrian Visions of Atlantis.

To be honest, over the years I was fallowing VOA, none of their previous albums did not impress me like The Deep & The Dark. The main “quilts” are vocalists Clémentine Delauney (Exit Eden, ex-Serenity, ex-Whyzdom) and Siegfried Samer (Dragony, ex-Eleftheria). And it seems, that is the winning combination. Those who know me, also knows the fact, although I am a woman, from some reason I can hardly except female vocals in metal. Few I admire are Metal Queen- Doro, Amanda Somerwille, Sabine Klassen and Clémentine Delauney.

Song “The Deep & The Dark” abound in beautiful melodies, orchestral parts, memorable lyrics, la grande introduction! Song after song we are discovering cheerful melodies, but the lyrics behind are far from that. The lyrics have many layers. In interview for Distorted Sound with Lotty Whittgham, Clémentine Delauney said:

The Deep & The Dark refers to exploring the world out there and deep within ourselves. The title track The Deep & The Dark is definitely about the inner darkness we need to search in order to escape from it. Other songs that relate to it is the song The Grand Illusion. Most of the lyrics describe different aspects; one that comes up often is freedom that we can access by thinking about our own minds and escaping the industrial world that we live in, particularly the media and the government that are trying to shut us down. We become their little puppets that they can control and we pray to close to nature and life.

“Return to Lemuria” introduces us to Siegfried Samer. French/Austrian duet is incredibly compatible, and as I already wrote, the key of success Visions of Atlantis desperately needed. Duets continue to enrich the album in “The Silent Mutiny”, “Book of Nature”, “Dead Reckoning”, “The Grand Illusion” and “Words of War”.

VOA subtly include folklore elements in “Ritual Night”

Unwritten metal rule: there is no good album without ballads. The Deep & The Dark brings two “The Last Home” and “Prayer to the Lost”.

Veriety, blasting drums, shredding guitars… I can not fond enough superlatives to describe this album. Simply, there is no space to criticize anything. Simply: perfect one!

No matter how shocking and brave was the decision made Thomas Caser drums in December 2013, it seems line up change brought the best to VOA. “The Deep & The Dark” might be the crown of the process that begun with symbolic titled EP “Old Routes/New Waters”.

The Deep & The Dark is return to VOA glory days.

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