Review: Voices Of Ruin “Path To Immortality” [M-Theory Audio]

Review: Voices Of Ruin “Path To Immortality” [M-Theory Audio]

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From Anaheim California comes Voices of Ruin, with possibly the most rock solid album that I’ve heard in a very long time. Path to Immortality is start to finish a hard hitting thrill ride, with enough Death metal fury to keep the heart pumping and melodie galore to keep you humming along for days to come. Take it from me, do not sit on this one. It’s a goddamn banger.

Voices of Ruin find themselves very close to the perfect l ratio on the Melodic Death Metal genre. The riffs are badass, beats are skull crushing, and the whole thing can move into sweetly emotional territory at the drop of a dime. Vocals fall distinctly on the Death Metal side of the fence, but subtle nuances in the growls of vocalist Dave Barrett create a very well rounded listening experience. Purists will appreciate the early Gothenburg sound, yet there is a lot more going on here. A distinctly American note is present throughout the album. Think Trivium, or maybe Killswitch Engage with the hardcore elements removed. Whatever you want to call this sound, one thing is for sure: Voices of Ruin perform it expertly. With production work from Machine Head and Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader, this album is a powerhouse all around.

Blast beat percussion and galloping riffs dominate Path to Immortality, and while a spectacle of their own, the slowed down passages truly steal the show, offering up some profoundly emotional pieces. An extended instrumental section in Whispers stands out immediately in my mind, with sweetly singing clean guitars picking their way among a subtle electronic drum beat before the track explodes back into absolute metal mayhem.

The dual guitar work of Tom Barrett and Sleeve Carlton steal the show often on this album, with excellent Maiden style harmonies dotting their way through the onslaught of heavy riffs and pounding drums. This interplay provides the heart and soul of an incredible album.

Standout tracks included Undoing, with its mid tempo pace and fluttery lead guitars. The multi sectioned Whispers is an emotional rollercoaster, lending an epic feel to a powerful performance. Opening song (after a lovely, yet overdone in my honest opinion, intro) Carved Out is an absolutely banger, with the perfect mix of hard hitting metal brutality and sensitive melodies. This one is a real standout here. The closing track, a rendition of the Foo Fighters Everlong, is a fun number. Not entirely necessary to an outstanding album such as this, but fun nonetheless.

With Path to Immortality, Voices of Ruin show that they are capable of incredible things. Although their sound falls just outside of what would normally be considered radio friendly, I don’t think it’s outside of the realm of possibility. To’s could be a breakthrough success for Voices of Ruin, and I can’t think of a group more deserving.

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