Review: Voivod “Post Society”

Review: Voivod “Post Society”

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voivodVoivod “Post Society”
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When it comes to metal bands who have not always been considerably consistent with their output and held in extremely high regard from both their fans and their peers, there are not many bands on a par with Voivod. Throughout their 30 year plus career, the Canadian space thrashers have thrilled their listeners with their style of out and out forwardly thinking metal and with this latest EP, the band are continuing to do and even after so long in the game, they continue to not only impress but to innovate too as they always have.

The band have a new bassist making his recording debut with the band here and Rocky does a great job despite having huge shoes to fill following the departure of former four stringer Blacky but he does so on Post Society with a tremendous show of skill and his playing fits in well with the rest of the band, Vocalist Snake, drummer Away and guitarist Chewy who all put in heroic performances.

Post Society commences with the sprawling title track which opens with their trademark thrashing assault and evolves into the futuristic heaviness and the onslaught of Snakes distinctive vocals (Which range from aggressive to ghostly and melodic with consummate ease) and this opening gambit is pure, unadulterated Voivod goodness and the goodness continues for the duration of the EP.

The other tracks on the EP, the progressive crawl of Forever Mountain (previously only available on a split 7″ with Napalm Death), the haunting, slow paced melody of Fall and the slick mix of abrasiveness and euphony of We Are Connected are also prime Voivod and show the band are still executing new and progressive ideas for their music and Post Society’s closing cover of Hawkwinds evergreen Silver Machine is a song that is a perfect choice for Voivod and a perfect way to end the EP and is done in a faithful but ultimately Voivod style, and with the Motorhead connection on this song (a band who have been a massive influence on Voivod) it serves as a poignant tribute to Lemmy and his influence.

Of course, this being Voivod, the artwork done by Away for this release is as stunning as ever, depicting a post apocalyptic land and is a captivating accompaniment to the epic musical chaos.

Post Society is a vital part of the Voivod musical arsenal and hopefully there will be a full length follow up as soon as possible.

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