Review: VON JUSTICE “Bret Hart”

Review: VON JUSTICE “Bret Hart”

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I know practically nothing about this band. VON JUSTICE’s headquarter is in Alkmaar where live more than 100.000 people. It has long history – the earliest mention of the name Alkmaar is in 10th century document. Anyways, now city is well known from chocolate’s production, traditional cheese market and several museums – for example Bierrmuseum (National Beer Museum) “De Boom”.

Anyhow, it seems that not all of band’s members are born in Europe. It’s not only because of what’s written on their profile on “blue f”, but also coz I can see huge fascination of American kind of wrestling – cover art, title and so on. Music which guys present us generally can be called Crossover. We have here old good Hardcore first of all, but also quite string influences of Punk Rock. Guys just run forward and don’t play in some technical displays or complicated arrangements. Music is very easy-going what doesn’t mean: melodic! Of course I’m talking here about melody in its Hardcore meaning. By the way, it invites us to pogo – it’s at least in my case like that.

I wrote before that El Magro (guitars) and El Gordo (drums) don’t play in some technical displays and music is easy (but also easy-going). But let’s say it loudly: this genre of music is just like that! But if you’ll listen carefully then you’ll notice that riffs change quite often, the same is about drums’ tracks. These changes, passages aren’t complicated and are also rather delicate. VON JUSTICE’s vocal is just like it should be – energetic, with some dose of anger, but some melody, too.

To sum up, I think this is band for real fans of such music. I like ‘Bret Hart’ and I’m sorry that here’re only three songs. And even if members of the band write about themselves that they suck I’m waiting for some new stuff. Actually I have no idea if I’m finishing review their debut, so it can be also some eventual old stuff which I’ll consume with pleasure.

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