Review: Vonülfsrëich “Spell of Thunder”

Review: Vonülfsrëich “Spell of Thunder”

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VonulfsreichVonülfsrëich “Spell of Thunder”
Heathen Tribes

Finnish archaic black metal band realised the album. This album is a raw black metal album, with pure black metal sound.

On this album it can be heard influence of heavy metal and doom metal, that is integrated phenomenally with the hole album, of course the combination of black metal and heavy metal, is always a excellent combination and with doom, it is very evil combination. The vocals are unigue, so dark, heavy, raw.

They are totally adjusted with the hole atmosphere on the album. Tehnical compliance is good, it can be way better, but pretty good, acoustic is solid, production is great. This album will take you trough a ride of coldness, darkeness, evil, death, chaos, apocylpse. This is a great archaic black metal metal band, with awesome raw black metal music, in the best way.


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