Review: Vst “The Beast Manifesto” @ Concreto records

Review: Vst “The Beast Manifesto” @ Concreto records

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Aiming to destroy all established beliefs in human minds, behold the rise of an Occult Black and Death Metal entity hailing from Mexico armed with their pulverizing new opus.

It was the year of 2011 when three forces hailing from León, a city in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, took the initiative to form a band aiming to destroy all established beliefs in human minds. The result was the spawn of an Occult Black/Death Metal entity crypticly known as Vst, with their debut ritual titled An-Ki Ekleipsis being brought into being a couple of years later, in 2014. Now after four years and several concerts, Vst take the world by storm once again with their sophomore opus, the vile, obscure and devastating The Beast Manifesto, released via Concreto Records, Mexico’s most important metal record label.

The Beast Manifesto involves an atmosphere even more solid than what was seen in their debut album, with a melodic ambient yet dark and dense beautifully embracing the album’s nine extreme and direct themes, taking as concepts from classic literature to mythical stories and odes to the very own personal God. Presenting Sorath as the band’s lead vocalist and bass player and Kerenor as their main female singer, The Beast Manifesto is an album filled with occultism, discussing controversial topics such as secret societies, chaos, philosophical Satanism and worshipping of ancient deities, or in other words, a life vision that goes far from common society ideals.

Influences by bands like Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth are crystal clear in the thunderous opening track “Abyss”, a lesson in Symphonic/Blackened Death Metal where Sorath growls deeply and demonically while Kerenor brings a touch of epicness to the musicality with her potent vocals and phantasmagorical keys; whereas the strident and pounding beats by drummer Aeon dictate the rhythm in “Stench of Downfall”, another full-bodied, demonic tune by Vst with both guitarists Adesthor and Mephisto shredding their strings in the most Black Metal way possible. And the title-track “Beast Manifesto” contains all elements we crave in devilish extreme music, including the infernal vociferations by Sorath and crisp guitar riffs and nonstop blast beats, all topped off by Kerenor’s uncanny keys.

Can you hear that hellish tone? It’s the sound of ass-kicking Occult Black Metal led by Sorath and his gruesome roars in the amazing “Hear the Suffering”, exhaling brutality, rage and evil while at the same time getting more introspective and obscure as the music progresses, once again featuring the stunning operatic vocals by Kerenor. Then drinking from the fountain of the Symphonic Black Metal crafted by bands like Cradle of Filth, Dragonlord and Satyricon we have “Ouroboros”, where the whimsical sound of keys complements the total devastation delivered by Aeon on drums; and Vst keep smashing our senses with their sulfurous music in “Ode to I”, a true ode to darkness where the band’s guitar duo is on absolute fire, generating the perfect atmosphere for Sorath to growl and bark like a demonic creature.

The absolutely creepy (and obviously awesome) words spoken by Kerenor ignite another black mass of extreme music titled “Sathanael”, a sluggish, somber tune infused with the most Stygian elements from Blackened Doom, and the music remains as imposing as it can be with Kerenor stealing the spotlight with her summoning vocals. Then back to their trademark pulverizing Black Metal mode Vst offer our avid ears the crushing “Hyperthermia“, with Aeon smashing his drums while Adesthor and Mephisto extract pure evil from their guitars, keeping the album at a gargantuan level of malignancy. And last but not least, it’s time for Vst to spread sheer darkness upon humanity with “Suicidal God”, a furious and very atmospheric tune spearheaded by Saroth and his bestial growls, flowing like an arrow covered in blood through the night until its Mephistophelian ending.

This precious gem of occult, grim and atmospheric Black and Death Metal can be enjoyed in full on Spotify, but if I were you I would definitely show my utmost support to Vst by purchasing The Beast Manifesto from the Conceto Records’ webstore, from iTunes, from Amazon or from CD Baby, always keeping an eye on their official Facebook page for news, tour dates and all other things Vst. And may all the darkness and evil brought forth by Vst in The Beast Manifesto invade your soul, just the way we like it in first-class extreme music coming from the deeep and obscure crypts of Hades.

Best moments of the album: “Abyss”, “Beast Manifesto” and “Sathanael”.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2018 Concreto Records

Track listing

  1. Abyss 4:54
  2. Stench of Downfall 4:15
  3. Beast Manifesto 4:29
  4. Hear the Suffering 5:46
  5. Ouroboros 5:42
  6. Ode to I 6:23
  7. Sathanael 3:06
  8. Hyperthermia 3:51
  9. Suicidal God 5:29

Band members
Sorath – vocals, bass guitar
Adesthor – guitars, arrangements
Mephisto – guitars
Kerenor – female vocals, keyboards
Aeon – drums, percussions

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