Review: WAN “Gammal är äldst” [Carnal Records]

Review: WAN “Gammal är äldst” [Carnal Records]

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Swedish band WAN entered the grim world of Black Metal in 2009. Since then, they’ve released Wolves of the North and Enjoy the Filth and even managed a split release with fellow Swedes Styggelse and Icelandic men of Curse.

WAN have taken on a new member and have, on the 21st of December, released their E.P Gammal är äldst via Carnal Records.

This release is a heady mix of dirty Heavy Metal and Black Metal, equal in measure. Flicking easily between simple Heavy Metal chugging and an almost ‘rock out’ style to the pure blasting and rawness that Black Metal offers up, they’ve managed to sound really old school and entertaining with it. We have arpeggio guitar licks that are straight out of our favourite discordant band styles, militant sounding drums and a sickly, plague ridden sounding vocal to top it all off.

With 5 tracks that stand just short of 15 minutes total run time, Gammal är äldst will not get old or tiresome. Instead I’ve grown to like their mix up of metal quite a lot. Clearly they’re skilled musicians, bring the aggression and have a grasp on song writing too.

Mix and production are handled adequately and so what are we left with? A worthy mini album that is a bit of a refresher in my eyes. Good news for fans – WAN are heading to Europe in May 2019 with Nekrokraft and The Generations Army. Tour time, I imagine they’ll rock out with the best of them!

If you fancy a bit of rock with your black then I suggest you go pay some attention to the artists on Bandcamp

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