Review: Warkings “Reborn” [Napalm Records]

Review: Warkings “Reborn” [Napalm Records]

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How many masked metal bands you know? KISS, of course! Lordi, Ghost, Gwar… Now, you can add to your list one more: Warkings!

How did I discover Warkings? Positive sides of technology in XXI century, Youtube set lists, blah, blah… And as I was working something totally different, music was playing in background and I heard something that sounded familiar to me. Familiar how? Vocals reminded me on Niklas Isfeldt, Dream Evil. I thought, one of my favorite Swedes (of course HammerFall stands at the throne) are announcing new album, but just in case, I checked out and saw Warkings video for “Hephaistos”. Still, I believed deep inside Niklas is singing. And maybe he is. From what I saw, anyone can hide behind those costumes.

Straight from the past, heroes: The Tribune, The Crusader, The Viking, The Spartan came to XXI century to deliver us a great portion of metal. Of course, nine high quality songs are approved by Odin himself. Is my imagination too vivid?

To continue this story seriously. As soon as I heard “Hephaistos”, I started digging and found another one – “Gladiator”. And I knew! This one must be mine!

Of course, when labels send us streams, it means, a lot of free time to sit and listen by your computer. Since having a lot of free time is mission impossible in my case, I am little bit late with this review, but better late than never.

“Give Em War” – that is what Odin will probably say sending Warkings in metal battle. So, they chose powerful metal riffs as their weapon. Of course, when you go to the battle you should “Never Surrender”! And how to surrender when you have a great melody to pump the blood to your veins?!

“Hephaistos”, mid tempo, catchy chorus, Dream Evil like intro. The song is followed by lyrics video.

“Gladiator” crushes bones from the first riffs. You can hardly decide which is the main killer: drums or guitars? Listening carefully the refrain (I am gladiator – king of the burning sand, I am gladiator – are you entertained? I am gladiator – king of the burning sand, I rule the crowd, I own this world, Vengeance is mine) somehow I can recognize melody of Power Rangers. And here we have the fun factor!

“Holy Storm”, holy Lords of Metal! There  is something magical, nostalgic vibe in the way the song was sung, especially in refrain. “Battle Cry” is possibly the new metal anthem. With warrior choir, drum section and guitars well combined, Warkings deliver metal hymn, battle hymn, however… If, from the song list you could choose the one that will led you to war, that might be “Fire Falling Down”. The next one, “Sparta” brings Debauchery to war. Combination of growl and clean vocals is the winning one!

“The LastBattle”, the last song, guitar thunderstorm, hypnotic melody, frenetic drums… Perfect end of a battle.

What  a power! What a glory! For a long time I have not heard so effective power metal debut album. If you like battles, gods, warriors, this is your cup of tea. They have the X factor: identity (Crusader-divine and holy knight, Spartan-master with spear and sword, Tribune-noble leader and Viking-beserk fighter), lyrics supported by adequate music, fun factor… The battle for metal has won!

And I strongly believe that Niklas Isfeldt has something with this album. Not just vocals, but the way the lyrics are written… I know I am boring… Oh, let me dream…

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