Review: Warkings “Revenge” [Napalm Records]

Review: Warkings “Revenge” [Napalm Records]

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Two years ago, in 2018 many thought that the new band Warkings is a one-time project and everything will end with their debut (and well-advertised) album Reborn. But here we are in 2020 and the band releases their new album with not less pretentious name Revenge.

The history of the band is the thing-in-itself, so I’ll just put it here as it was written in press release: “The four ancient kings, a roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan, gathered in the golden halls of Valhalla, escaped from the realms of obscurity and stole their souls from the Lord of the abyss. In a bloodthirsty furor, the demons seek revenge on the WarKings, but Odins legates are more than ready to vanquish the Monarchs of the dusk with their hard-hitting anthems.” Lovely, isn’t it? Nevertheless, underneath the mask of Tribune there is Georg Neuhauser who sounds rougher here than in his main band Serenity.

Warkings‘ music is Heavy/Power Metal. It’s solid, it’s fast and for my sorrow it’s predictable as well. I mean that the infamous feeling “it-reminds-me-something” will follow you during the most songs of the album. I can even tell you where you could hear it: in the albums of Powerwolf, Sabaton, Hammerfall and everything between. But, as usual, I must emphasize: there is no plagiarism or something, but triteness.

But if look the other way, Revenge contains ten powerful, dynamic songs with good melodies and some catchy choruses. Opener “Freedom” makes it clear what should the listener expect from the album: war drums and bagpipes sharply changing with Crusader’s fast riffs and Spartan’s robust drumming. Fast verse and melodic chorus with a little bit raspy vocals and rousing main melody reminds the early Hammerfall. The same thing happens in “Mirror, Mirror”, unless it has much more pathos, which created with some keyboards and male vocals. Embarrassingly pretentious “Maximus” (exactly like the movie, on which this song is based) slows the pace but the next “Warriors” brings the fast riffs back. With this, the chorus disappoints a little with a tiny bit, but poppy motive. Nevertheless, it sounds real metal against over-radio-friendly “Banners High”.

However, there are lots of really rigid pieces: “Odin’s Sons” is allocated with female growls from Queen Of The Damned and solid riffs. “Fight In The Shade” is full of drive, with great pseudo-oriental intro. There are some barely remarkable oriental notes in “Azrael” and probably the catchiest chorus in Revenge. Dynamic “Battle Of Marathon” with great, heavy drums goes to a Judas Priest territory and sweeps everything out of the way with its vigor.

Revenge ends with marching “Warking” with Rammstein-esque guitar riff. I bet, this song was written especially for playing it live: chanting, measured and rhythmic bass drum, powerful riff and military commands – all of these will be great on live shows and thousands voices will sing-along this song with the band.

The truth is that listening to Warkings at home is a little bit boring and it’s quite different story to see them on stage. Just watch some videos, which were shot by fans during their performance on YouTube! Warkings do a great show with their decorations, scull masks and great outfits. Their catchy choruses, which can be remembered easily so everyone can sing-along with the band created for live shows as well. After all, sometimes you need to unleash yourself and what better place can be than metal concert, where you and lots of other metalheads scream “I am, I am the warking!” Don’t know what about you but I will definitely go to Warkings concert when I will get the chance because it is a pure fun!

Revenge will be released on July, 31 via Napalm Records.

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