Review: Wednesday 13 “Horrifier” [Napalm Records]

Review: Wednesday 13 “Horrifier” [Napalm Records]

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Horror-themed bands are my favorite kind of gimmicky/novelty acts, and with Wednesday 13, I think I’ve found one of the most entertaining ones. This is an album that completely embraces its horror themes, either sinister or silly ones, and turns it into rather enjoyable and memorable songs. Some of those songs are heavy and creepy, others are more ear-friendly and fun, but still in a horrifying way.

We’re sure of that on the first track, the slow, death metal-inspired “Insides Out”, with its darkly comedic chorus of “I want your insides out”, and its deliciously heavy, dark and creepy riff and scream-like guitar effects. “Hell is Coming” is also slow and sinister, but more heavy metal-inspired, using raspy singing rather than growls. This one is the dark, slow lingering kind of creepy.

On the still heavy but more fun side, we have “Exhume and Devour”, beginning with a spoken intro about the dead coming back, and turning into a heavy rock song about zombies, with raspy, evil vocals. “You’re so Hideous” is also between rock and metal, in the sense that it’s catchy but heavy, with raspy singing and some dark humor. “Halfway to the Grave” is also a rather upbeat, rocking track about death, with a chorus that manages to burrow its way into your brain. One of the catchiest songs in that vein is clearly “Good Day to Be a Bad Guy” with its fast riff and irresistible chorus.

Then we have the title track, with a fast, energized, vaguely thrash metal and vaguely rock riff, catchy verses and a chorus with the irresistibly catchy yells-grunts of “horrifier!”. You better believe he’s the horrifier.

Most of the songs are about horror topics, and how in their own words, it’s a good day to be a fucking bad guy, but there are two songs directly referencing horror movies, “Return to Haddonfield” and “Christine: Fury in the Night”. The first one sounds somewhat more sinister and threatening than what came before, but Wednesday 13’s knack for catchy hooks can still be hard in the chorus. The second one is a wild ride, mercilessly heavy and fast, with some pretty cool guitar effects.

To end things off, we get the not exactly catchy and not exactly sinister and slow “The Other Side”, which is mostly notable for its heavy riffs and raspy, gritty vocals. It’s not the most memorable of all the songs with that title, and I’d say it’s the weakest spot in the album. But it mostly seems mediocre because what came before was so great. This album is truly one of the most fun, energetic and catchy tributes to the horror genre. It recreates the adrenaline-raising, pulse-pounding, cold shiver-inducing feel of a good horror movie and the mixture of fear and joy it creates in a horror-loving viewer. In addition to recreating that feeling so well, the music is also rather catchy and well-crafted, and most of the album is very enjoyable. Check this one out right now for some good horror metal.

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