Review: WHITE WARD “Futility Report”

Review: WHITE WARD “Futility Report”

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WHITE WARD “Futility Report”
Debemur Morti Productions

Pushing boundaries and innovation is what art is about and that is exactly what White Ward does and is. They push the boundaries of black metal and are unique and innovative in their overall sound providing you with something that is intriguing and captivating. “Futility Report” is the name of their record and it just so happens to be their debut full length release as well and that certainly could not be told from the way that they sound. White Ward is already a very well rounded and tight knit band that sounds as though they have been around the block a few times, but that is not the case.

“Futility Report” is a very bold and unique record and from the drop of the first note you know that what you are listening to isn’t something that just comes around every day. For a genre such as black metal, “Futility Report” is an incredibly smooth and easy to listen to record that you can put on for hours and not get bored with it. Each time around you find something new with the record that you may not have heard before as White Ward sews so much into each song they warrant numerous listens to let it all sink in.

Each song on this record is crafted very well and it feels as though White Ward just lets their music do its own thing and flow as freely as it can. Every song is fluid and no matter whether you are getting faster tempos, slower tempos, atmospheric sounds or jazz influences everything melts together so well. Even with so many different elements that White Ward sews into each song, it is all so smooth and cohesive which provides you with a great listening experience.

As mentioned above, White Ward incorporates jazz inspired tunes into their music as well, and while that may seem a bit odd coming from a black metal band they make it work so well. In each and every song on “Futility Report” you can hear a soothing saxophone presence either in the background or right up front. There are times where it creeps up on you in certain songs and in others it is just as prominent as the guitars, drums or bass and the way that White Ward works it in to each of their songs is very well done. There are certain spots through each song as well where White Ward will break down into a jazz section spotlighting the saxophone and presenting you with a wonderfully serene atmospheric jazz sound.

White Ward leaves everything on the table for their debut full length and that is nice to see. They don’t pull any punches or leave anything out as they are all in all the time through this record. “Futility Report” is a smooth and heavy listen all at the same time and is an overall great listen.

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