Review: Wraith “Heed The Warning” [Rapid Fire Records / World War Now Records]

Review: Wraith “Heed The Warning” [Rapid Fire Records / World War Now Records]

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Wraith don’t give you much of a warning, despite the name of their newest album titled Heed The Warning that dropped back in July of this year. The blow is over quick though, as this effort doesn’t even hit the twenty minute mark. From start to finish, it’s a barrage of blackened thrash riffs that don’t slow down for so much as a second. Thanks to this, the rhythms are Heed The Warning‘s strongest features, not focusing very hard on guitar solos rather a harsher delivery.

As expected, the vocals take on a harsher sense, but still clear enough to understand. This is all thanks to the production, and the easiest band to compare it to would be Toxic Holocaust. Considering Joel Grind did a lot of the mastering here, it makes perfect sense. Stripping away all of the darker vibes, there’s clear homage to the layers found in Motorhead, Venom, and other early acts that influenced this extreme movement. The only real complaint is that it almost seems bassless, and it likely got lost behind all of the heaviness of everything else. Thankfully, what really matters here is the attitude, which there’s no shortage of, especially in tracks like “Bastards”.

Really, there isn’t much to say beyond this. Heed The Warning is one of the more straight and to the point records to hit the scene this year. I recommend it to anyone who likes thrash or crossover, and seeing its short length, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to give this a spin.

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