Review: Wych “Agony”

Review: Wych “Agony”

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The Canadian core/metal scene this year was expanded by one more new name Wych, presenting this February their first ever record EP “Agony”. Balancing between the heaviest metal subgenres and alternative music, Wych has demonstrated not only good quality and excellent song-writing skills, but also the perfect coalescence of death metal and metalcore.

There isn’t so much information about these cold Canadians, Wych is really young and perspective band, but without star line-ups or over-experienced musicians. The chosen stylistic borders are not too trendy or, on the contrary, old-school, it seems like they were caught up in a wave of a negligent distinctiveness, fencing it from all the classical boredom or accustomed clichés. And it’s so rare a phenomenon, to create something authentic and real without all these stylistic over-layers and other chaotic dramas. And by the way, “Agony” sounds vitally serious and thoughtful, for such a rough music it’s really commendable.

The metalcore/deathcore foundation leads through all this EP, sometimes leaning more towards alternative/melodic death metal side (like “Amber”) or towards hardcore/groove direction (like “Lesser Key”). The confidence of every musician is absolutely out of the question, and with screaming and aggressive vocal lines, the music is blasted by surplus of emotions. The technical challenges have never shown up at the forward, progressive elements are smooth and balanced, almost inaudible at a glance, and allude rather on math rock principles (“Alone/Adrift”). The overall spirit of this EP is moody and ultimately harrowing, though some speedy and passionate thrashy “Bones” slightly compensates this dismal mood. The suspenseful and mournful clean singing lines on the track “Amber” hint even on some psychedelic twists, as well as increase the atmospheric perception. The chorus of the last song “1894” is almost hymn-like, so the timid ambient outro here, a bit symphonic and ominous, darkens up the mood and perfectly completes this gloomy release.

With such an intense start, Wych has managed to prove their competence on the both alternative and metal scenes, while maintaining the originality and fresh creative ideas. But due to the suffocating darkness, abstract and disparate lyrics and agonizingly painful cover art, “Agony” creates depressed and despondent impression. But with such an emotional overdose, this album really purges away all the pain, taking it all in.

Release date: February 26, 2021

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