Review: Yngwie Malmsteen “World On Fire”

Review: Yngwie Malmsteen “World On Fire”

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Yngwie Malmsteen “World On Fire”

Rising Force, 1 June 2016.

You don’t have to visit Wikipedia or Encyclopaedia Metallum and search for Yngwie Malmsteen, cause even my grandmother knows who Yngwie Malmsteen is. But if anyone who knows legend about Malmsteen as the one of the best Neoclasical guitarist have never heard his music and starts with his new album, might be confused.

“World on Fire” is the 5th album released by of Yngwie Malmsteen’s own label Rising Force. Somehow, I had to listen this album at least 150 times and never from the beginning to an end. It might be sacrilege to talk and write bad things about Malmsteen, but part of my job is to be objective.

Album sounds like it was recorded in my basement during the NATO bombing in 1999. Even now, when I am writing this review, I am listening album and all the time trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the sound? Is it my equipement? It feels somehow they put the wrong recordings and published it unfinished as the album.

Only three songs are non instrumental songs: “World on Fire”, “Soldier” and “Lost in Machine”. Each song seems like it is made to be a shade of his work from the ’90s. Compared to his past singers, his vocals are solid, but not good enough.

You will find nothing new here, but also nothing that can sound like old Malmsteen from his Golden Age era. Mybe only “Nacht Musik” (not to be confused with Mozart “Eine kleine Nacht Musik”)  might be the real Malmsteen seal.

No doubts, Malmsteen has always been, he still is and always will be one of the best guitarists, but at this album nothing more than that. He has to swallow his pride and let someone else to do things he can not, such as songwriting. As an instrumentalist he is inviolable, but if he wants to bring old fans back, he should change something in the future. As I know, he played all the bass parts, much of keybord parts, he sings, he produced and recorded this album. Maybe too much job for him.

I really love Yngwie, but I have to say he is far below his standards. If this is an instrumental album it would be ok, but just ok, because even in the area you invented you have to make improvements. Unfortunately, even if this would be instrmental album, I am afraid there are no many memorable moments.

Not the best, not the worst, somewhere in the middle.

(c) Ivona Bogner

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