Review: Ysbryd “Kraft” [Purity Through Fire]

Review: Ysbryd “Kraft” [Purity Through Fire]

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In June of 2018 Ysbryd self-released a full length entitled Kraft. The Purity through Fire record label have not missed a trick picking up Kraft and re-releasing it on 19th February as an A5 limited edition digipack, 99 hand-numbered copies no less…

All power to Ysbryd and a hearty congratulations. I can imagine the feeling of standing shoulder to shoulder with label mates Bergrizen and Kroda, Ysbryd has taken its place.

So, what does this Kraft album offer us? 9 tracks of Black Metal from main man Gestalt, a debut straight out of the Bavarian underground. Mid-paced, produced in the style most fitting with my favourite genre and sounding raw enough whilst still having an edge worthy of soaking. The type of stuff I can get on with easily.

Whilst some of Kraft is deeply brooding, an excellent example being the opener ‘Diafol’, the album does skip between some rather punky BM vibes and darker adagio work. Interesting stuff. Between the two, injections of tinging cymbals and beautiful riffs achieved on one string with the perfect Black Metal guitar tone mean that Kraft always has enough to offer. I really appreciate the artwork too, exceedingly fitting to the style.

Vocals are handled in the usual style with some variation being witnessed in the excellent track ‘I’m Kriege’ – one of the album’s highlights. Another being Ritual Der Befreiung which contains the best guitar riffs on the entire album, really classic sounding stuff.

All in a great debut and it’s clearly not just me who thinks so. We know an artist has done something right when Purity Through Fire jumps at you. I think we will see a good body of work emerge in time from Gestalt, it seems to me that the guy is not only bursting with ideas but he’s being watched and appreciated by those who count. I’ll look forward to hearing more and recommend you get yourself over to Facebook and pay homage.

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