Review: Zakk Sabbath “Vertigo” [Magnetic Eye Records]

Review: Zakk Sabbath “Vertigo” [Magnetic Eye Records]

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Besides Black Label Society and the solo project Zakk Wylde also plays in tribute band Zakk Sabbath. Until quite recently it was a live band with the only EP Live In Detroit but nevertheless musicians decided to release their first studio record, Vertigo. And there is some important reason for it.

50 years ago, on Friday, 13, 1970 Vertigo Records released a debut album of four not so famous guys from UK city Birmingham: Black Sabbath. I think I don’t need to tell what happened further and how this album influenced on music and on Metal in particular. Thus, Zakk Wylde with bassist Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie) and drummer Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens Of The Stone Age) decided to go to the studio and to record Black Sabbath album completely, celebrating 50-years anniversary in such way.

It’s pretty complicated to play Black Sabbath‘ tribute. Maybe from the first glance it may seem not that hard technically but you should not forget that Black Sabbath is iconic band. Their music deconstructed until the last note long time ago and the smallest deviation will cause frustration of the fans.

Still no one doubts about Zakk’s mastery and he tried to play these songs as close to original as possible. Nevertheless, he played some solos in his own way, not copying Tommy Iommi. The same thing happens with vocals: Zakk didn’t try to copy young Ozzy Osbourne (quite thankless job, I need to say) but sings close to original as well. But what is really shining here is a rhythm section, especially Blasko’s bass, but here it is a matter of modern record technologies, mastering and mix, if you ask me.

In any case, Zakk Sabbath managed to keep the atmosphere and the spirit of Black Sabbath album, a corner stone of Heavy Metal, which was recorded during one day in far 1969. And wishing to preserve the authenticity, this record will be available only on physical copies.

Vertigo was released on September, 4th via Magnetic Eye Records.

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