Review: Zebulon Kosted “Torches Behind The Waterfall” [Hammerkrieg Productions]

Review: Zebulon Kosted “Torches Behind The Waterfall” [Hammerkrieg Productions]

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I’m really excited to be writing this review, as Torches Behind the Waterfall was my 2020 album of the year release.

The first track “The Second Enantiodromia” is a very moving, hollow-sounding, acoustic guitar solo. It pretty much sets the mood for what the rest of the album has in store for you. You feel so alone when you listen to this, yet that feeling is very welcomed. It has such a warm, rich tone to it, while still giving off a very frigid vibe. It’s a very affective piece, stirring the emotions relentlessly. The very low-key, dark mysterious tone invites you into the darkness that has unfolded itself before you. You enter…

…into the second track, that with massive waves of distortion, is downright terrifying! That distortion invites you further down, into the darkness unknown. It is a very eerie, frightful feeling, the kind that sends shivers all over! As the track title states “Sinking”, that’s exactly what it feels like is happening to you, at this moment. And at the very end, it’s so much so to the point that you feel fatigued, and a bit suffocated! Truly, one of the most frighteningly riveting songs I have ever heard.

“Prey for the Predator” is the longest track clocking in at just slightly over twenty-two minutes, and it’s my favorite off the album. The complexity of this song is astounding, it really is! As raw black metal vocals set in, intense drumming persists, as light whispers commence thereafter. With raw, black metal vocals starting once more, heavy distortion musters through excessively prevalent. Odd, and unintelligible sounds go back and forth with this rotation… all within the distortion. It’s a very mind-numbing, elongated wind of this… Frightening visions can’t help but to form inside my mind while listening to this piece. It’s downright petrifying. If you’ve ever watched Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, and how vividly psychedelic and dark and chaotic the animation is in all those animated pieces cut in between the film, and the dark brownish-green, haze-grainy type effect… this is the type of visions I can see! But, imagine a lot more vivid, and a lot more chilling! It’s almost as if you’re hallucinating, heavy! You are all alone, and you feel this. Except you don’t want to pull away from it, you want to enjoy the “trip” as more distortion follows… And that scream at the very end, most effective!

There’s so much complexity on this album, it’s truly mind-blowing! There’s quite a bit of ambience in the mix, as well. Very droning and spaced-out, with hints of distortion mixed in. Definitely thrives with a strong feel of total isolation. While listening, you have uncontrolled, vivid dreams, almost as if nightmares. I say this, but it’s not at all meant in a bad way. Torches behind the Waterfall is a very passionate, unique, emotion-filled album, that has such a vast array of premonitions for the listener. This album makes you feel like you’re in another time, and in another dimension. You will feel cold. You will feel alone. You will feel desolate.

The distortion levels are all over the place on this album, and it’s just lovely. The actual black metal pieces are very few and far between. It’s a very welcomed insane “trip” of the mind. A mindful journey you won’t soon forget. The whole album is just a whirlwind of utmost passion! I’ve been listening to this album quite often since it’s release, it’s just that addictive! Torches Behind the Waterfall is the most oddest of all Rashid‘s releases thus far… all the while being the most absolute, most pleasurable! A true, abstract work of art this album is, and it was Zebulon Kosted‘s album of the year masterpiece!

Release date: November 27th, 2020

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