Review: Zero 2 Nothing “Limits of Temptation” [Art Gates Records]

Review: Zero 2 Nothing “Limits of Temptation” [Art Gates Records]

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The new band Zero 2 Nothing, hailing from Greece this February has released their debut album “Limits of Temptation” via Art Gates Records. Taunting the audience with three singles before that, they are now ready to blast the heavy metal scene with groovy and catchy vitality with a full force.

“Limits of Temptation” isn’t a classical piece of specific metal genre, it’s like a rampant blend of all the hard’n’heavy-based stylistic subgenres with a groovy and southern impact and progressive mood. But the music of Zero 2 Nothing doesn’t sound like a messy mix of all the rockish variations, it is coherent, exuberant and smooth, and totally lacks boredom and disharmony. And with a huge influence from modern rock and alternative metal it does not remind of old school heavy metal, it’s amazing that this music is so alive and pertinent for this age. And with a rock’n’roll spirit and ardent mood these Greeks have managed to revive traditional metal conception in a contemporary manner.

It’s nice to admit, that every instrument on this record isn’t holding back even a drop of avidity, though some melancholic and soft vibes come up now and again, cushioning the male energy (for example, half-ballad “Closer” with harmonica solo). The blues and soul impact also diversifies this album (“In God’s Will” and “Limits of Temptation”), and juicy southern sound (especially on “Run Away from U”) attaches the post-grunge attitude. Even the cover art (in a beautiful manner of art nouveau) represents their love for American blues/stoner scene. And due to alternative rock elements, the heavy metal core is brightened and modernized. The most atmospheric track is the last “Bloody Mary” with dreamy keyboards, technical solos, and thoughtful piano passages. The singing manner of their vocalist Thodoris Tsouanatos well fits to heavy/progressive metal scene, hoarse and low, but at the same time so powerful and emotive. And those who define Zero 2 Nothing as progressive metal band aren’t wrong either, although the progressive elements are so rare on this record (like the cunning “Feel My Sorrow”), the overall spirit and smartness of the songs explicitly hint on a progressive touch.

The music of Zero 2 Nothing isn’t innovative or insanely experimental, but with such a sincere candor and arduous disposition, they made a very confident and vivid debut album, igniting heavy metal scene. And evidently nothing will stop them.

Release date: February 26th, 2021

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