Rome In Monochrome- ”Karma Anubis” album review

Rome In Monochrome- ”Karma Anubis” album review

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A doom, post rock, atmospheric and relaxing album: Karma Anubis, a 3 songs EP by Rome In Monochrome (Italy).


Definitely, ”Karma Anubis’’ have a lot of doom and progressive influences, listening to it, the sound of the albums sends to bands like Anathema and My Dying Bride, mainly, why not to mention Solstafir, maybe?
First song, Karma Anubis, (video below also), probably the heaviest song from the EP, mixing doom and progressive elements. The second song, Spheres, for a few seconds the beginning of the track meets dark ambiental elements and the song continues more into a progressive way. And the last song, Endmusic, which is instrumental, is totally an atmospheric song.

I think is very interesting to combine a lot of elements into one album and ‘’Karma Anubis’’ has all these: doom, dark ambient, atmospheric, progressive, post rock. If you are a fan of all these elements, give it a try and check out Rome In Monochrome’s amazing EP!

Karma Anubis
Endmusic (instrumental)


Rome In Monochrome



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Carla Morton

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