Rotting Christ “Rituals” review (written by Droll)

Rotting Christ “Rituals” review (written by Droll)

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Rotting Christ “Rituals”
Season Of Mist records

Who said that black-metal isn’t art? That, despite all brutality and aggression, it can’t sound real masterpiece? For decades, Rotting Christ prove it, releasing masterwork after masterwork.

Three years passed after Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού and here we got the darkest and very interesting Rituals.

There is an interesting phenomenon with this band. From album to album sounding and motives are changing; music is going beyond the style frame. But there is no mistake – it’s something significant and inherent only to Rotting Christ. And it’s one more thing: with every new album the band become more interesting. It seemed, that genius Theogonia is the top, and they never make something surpassing. But after three years AEALO released, and so on. It’s the same with Rituals.

Under the dark and markedly simple designed cover there are ten tracks (eleven in vinyl release), in which you totally immerse and don’t want to get out of this dark abyss.
Powerful, smashing drums, guitar riffs and solos – all this create incredible ambience. Sakis Tolis vocals and choirs are emphasize the darkness.

However, he is not the only one singer. The number of guests in an album is impressive: from Nick Holmes, voice of Paradise Lost to real actress of National Hellenic Theatre – Danai Katsameni. Her emotional reading passages from Euripides’s ‘Bakxais’ with screaming “Come Lord” (laded on infernal guitar riffs and hellstorm drums) really freeze blood in veins. Even after countless listening to “Ἐλθὲ Κύριε-(Elthe Kyrie)”.

Well, what about the songs subjects, it very various. From mentioned ‘Bakxais’ by Euripides thru ‘Les Fleur du Mal’, read by Vorph from SAMAEL and especially impressing “זה נגמר (Ze Nigmar)”. Sung in Aramaic (language of Jesus, which he talked), the song is bringing last words of Jesus himself while crucifying. Starts from “Father forgive them” and ending with “I have nothing left to give”. So, it would be good to have a store of knowledge, to fully understand the lyrics.

Resuming: Rotting Christ released the next masterpiece. In all senses. That one, that should not be missed. At all.


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